Erika Lucas

Erika is an energetic individual who loves learning and growing in the holistic field. She truly enjoys sharing her passion with others and assisting them on their own journeys. She is on our All That Matters staff in the roles of Yoga Advisor, Reflexologist, and Yoga Teacher.


Erika became a Certified Reflexology Therapist upon completing a 300-Hour Integrative Reflexology Certification with Elysia Bates in 2015. She believes that in the hands of a knowledgeable, caring, and intuitive practitioner, clients are able to soak in the many benefits of reflexology and call upon their body’s own natural capability to heal itself. She promotes a supportive and comforting atmosphere during her sessions, and holds space for her clients to relax and renew. A session with Erika is deeply restorative in nature, and nourishes the whole body while tending to the client’s individual needs.


As a Yoga Teacher, Erika has progressed to the designation of E-RYT 200 with Yoga Alliance. She completed her 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training in 2011 in Costa Rica with Marianne Wells and is currently a student in the 500-Hour Yoga Teacher Training with Coral Brown and All That Matters Faculty. Erika’s yoga classes offer mindful exploration, support, and relaxation. She loves welcoming beginners into the practice of yoga.


Erika is forever blossoming and unfolding, and hopes to help others do the same.

Erika Lucas instructs the following:
  • Candlelight Flow

  • This is one of our Flow classes.
    This candlelit class offers a meditative transition into the evening through a slow flow. Sequences are crafted to work the body and release muscle tension while creating space for self-care and unwinding from the day.

  • Yoga I/II Express

  • A 45 minute version of our regular Yoga I/II for those days when you don't have a lot of time, but still want to move!
    This is one of our Foundations classes.

    This Yoga I/II blended class includes key instruction for beginner yogis, while offering options for experienced yogis to deepen and further their practice. Teachers address various levels while adapting to students' needs.

  • $5 Community - Express
  • This is one of our Focused classes.

    A 45 minute version of our Community Yoga Class for those days when you don't have a lot of time, but still want to move!
    Join Erika Lucas (or a visiting teacher) for a weekly community yoga class appropriate for all levels. This class is followed by an optional 15-minute guided meditation. All proceeds go to the All That Matters Scholarship Fund.

  • Slow Flow

  • This is one of our Flow classes.

    This Vinyasa-style class invokes mindfulness through a slowly flowing practice built on dynamic movement and breath. Emphasis is placed on embodying both stillness and motion to cultivate strength, engagement, and awareness. This class is suited for all levels of practitioner and offers students space to explore presence and peace.