Alexandra Hope Flood

Alexandra Hope Flood is a second-generation intuitive and medium. Connecting with each client’s individual divine guidance, she has the ability to reveal their pertinent past lives, true soul purpose, ideal physical health, and loving messages from deceased loved ones. Her gifts facilitate clarity, healing, and an individual’s ultimate potential in their present lifetime. In addition, she has been a professional writer for over twenty years. Alexandra currently writes an inspirational slice-of-life blog, a flood of hope (+ humor) and contributes to She lives in Jamestown, RI with her husband and two children.

Alexandra Hope Flood instructs the following:
  • All Things Spirit Seminar: Ghosts, Guides, and More…

  • Spend a fun and informative evening with our on-staff Intuitive Life Coach, Alexandra Hope Flood, and learn more about the realms of spirit! If you just know that bump in the night wasn’t actually “the pipes” or if you have had an occurrence you can’t explain, you don’t want to miss this interactive evening with Alix where you may discover the spirit world is not what you think!

    Alix can “read” and decipher your personal paranormal encounters, heal fears, and answer your questions about guides, angels, and elemental beings. In addition, learn ways in which you can live with and receive support from spiritual realms if you so desire.

    Please come prepared to share stories, encounters and ask questions.

    To receive a private reading, sign up for a session with Alix by calling our Front Desk at 401.782.2126.

    Alix can tap into your unique Individual Divine Guidance and then help you apply it to your real-world life, offering rare insight into your life and true soul purpose.

    For more information about Alexandra Hope Flood and her work, please visit

    Fri, 7:00pm-9:30pm, $39
    Jul 7