Julie Diana Shore

Julie Diana Shore teaches yoga to share what the practice brought into her own life. A California native, Julie was introduced to yoga as a child and developed a formal practice in high school, knowing even then that she wanted to teach. She audited her first teacher training in 2003 and Golden Bridge Yoga Center in Los Angeles before heading to Bard College, where she completed her BA in Liberal Arts. Shortly after graduation she moved to Providence, Rhode Island. She discovered Eyes of the World in 2010 where she received her teaching certification 2012. 
Julie is constantly studying and developing her practice as a teacher. Lately her teaching has been largely influenced by the transitional styles of Sadie Nardini and Meghan Currie. Her classes translate a technical knowledge of vinyasa asana practice, with underpinnings of yogic philosophy which point to developing mindfulness and compassionate awareness. She teaches from her direct experience of yoga as an inclusive, energizing and empowering practice.

Julie Diana Shore instructs the following:
  • Healthy Shoulders
  • This is one of our Focused classes.


    Most of us carry tension and stress in our upper bodies: shoulders, chest and upper spine. This class is designed to bring awareness and encourage optimal functioning to this area of the body as we stretch and strengthen the myriad of muscle groups to cultivate more ease and fluid mobility. Learn about the anatomy and movement patterns of the upper body and deepen your practice. Prior yoga experience is strongly recommended for this class.

  • Healthy Hips
  • This is one of our Focused classes.
    Because the hips function as the center of gravity in the body, an imbalance in the hips is often felt throughout the entire body. Creating a balanced state of both mobility and stability in the hip joint and the surrounding muscles enhances healthy living, steadiness and optimum performance. This class is devoted to releasing tension in the hips by working deeply to stretch and strengthen the myriad muscle groups in and around the pelvis. Prior yoga experience is strongly recommended for this class.

  • Ashtanga Vinyasa Flow

  • This is one of our Flow classes.

    Ashtanga Yoga, as taught by Sri K Pattabhi Jois, is a system of sequences with a classical approach to the foundations of vinyasa flow: synchronized breath and dynamic movement. Traditionally taught in a set sequence with as many as 76 asanas, this class will use more of a shortened, creative adaptation of the classic Primary Series. The Primary Series is described as ‘Yoga Chikitsa” (yoga therapy) as it assists in detoxifying and realigning the body. This class is wonderfully suited for students wanting to learn vinyasa flow, as well as for experienced vinyasa students wanting to deepen their understanding and practices.