Debbie Knight

Debbie Knight has been practicing yoga since 1997 and teaching since 1999. She was first introduced to yoga shortly after the birth of her twin boys and, already having a two-year-old daughter at home, very quickly realized the mental and physical benefits of a regular yoga practice. After her very first class in a tiny home studio in Providence, she knew yoga was destined to become an integral part of her life. She completed the bulk of her vinyasa style teacher training at the Omega Institute. She is also registered with the Yoga Alliance as an E-RYT200 having completed her training with Katherine Conte at Focus Yoga and attaining over 1,000 hours of teaching experience since then. In addition to yearly visits to Omega, she attends several workshops throughout the year at various studios in New England.
Debbie’s teaching style focuses on proper, safe alignment paired with a playful lighthearted spirit and special attention to breath and a feeling of connectedness. She is passionate about her teaching and gains the most satisfaction from watching the transformation in students as they discover the gifts of this ancient art.

Debbie Knight instructs the following:
  • Vinyasa Flow I

  • This is one of our Flow classes.

    This introductory Vinyasa Flow class moves at a gentle pace to establish strength, flexibility, and balance within a continuous sequence of postures. Vinyasa Flow I is designed for newer and intermediate students looking to hone in on proper alignment while honoring and exploring the connection between movement, breath and mindfulness—the fundamental building blocks of Vinyasa.

  • Yoga 50 +
  • This is one of our Focused classes.
    In this class yogis explore key yoga postures and breathing techniques while learning how to enhance and modify the practice to fit each individual body. Class emphasizes just plain feeling good, and special needs may be addressed.

  • Yoga I/II
  • This is one of our Foundations classes.


    This Yoga I/II blended class includes key instruction for beginner yogis, while offering options for experienced yogis to deepen and further their practice. Teachers address various levels while adapting to students' needs.

  • Meditation
  • Meditating with others is great way to anchor your practice and effect change. Session may include simple guidance and/or breathwork. No experience necessary. This is a free community offering.

  • Restorative
  • This is one of our Focused classes.


    Restorative Yoga uses blankets, bolsters and pillows to fully support the body in foundational yoga postures, without muscular exertion. Deep but passive, Restorative Yoga can enhance a vigorous practice, and is also well suited for beginners as well as those with injuries. This grounding practice soothes the nervous system and helps boost the immune system.