Karen Powers

Karen began practicing yoga in 2009. She received her 200-hour training in Hatha Yoga with Katherine Conte in May 2011 and received her 500-hour training in Prana Flow with Coral Brown in December 2014. She’s also a certified Reiki Master receiving her trainings in all levels with Myra Partyka at All That Matters in South Kingstown, RI.

Karen loves the spiritual and philosophical aspects of yoga and is drawn to the energy of the subtle body. Her classes are a mix of Hatha and Vinyasa Flow. She encourages her students to find the fluidity in their bodies and allow the sequences to flow like a beautiful dance of mind, body and spirit. As someone who found her way to yoga through a difficult time in her life, she is always aware that students may be looking for more than just a practice of the physical body. It’s her intention to help balance, energize, inspire and restore the well-being of all who join her on the mat.

Karen Powers instructs the following:
  • Yin Yoga
  • This is one of our Focused classes.
    Yin Yoga poses are performed seated or lying down using props and slow transitional movements that massage and lubricate the body’s sheath of connective tissue as well as the mind’s power of observation. Sustaining each pose for a period of time pairs intentional stillness with steady compression to signal a “rest and restore” mode for the central nervous system thus promoting digestion, muscle repair and organ detoxification.

  • Stretch + Breathe
  • This is one of our Foundations classes.
    This gentle class helps yogis release tension and unwind. Welcoming all levels, Stretch + Breathe pairs gentle, lengthening movements with breath work to create a balanced experience of groundedness, fluidity, and ease—both physically and energetically.

  • Core Flow
    This is one of our Flow classes.
    Core Flow classes teach students to move from their center during strengthening Vinyasa sequences. Emphasis is placed on how awareness of the body’s power center impacts and sustains every pose. Cultivation of the core enhances balance, embodiment, confidence and grace.

  • Yoga 50 +
  • This is one of our Focused classes.
    In this class yogis explore key yoga postures and breathing techniques while learning how to enhance and modify the practice to fit each individual body. Class emphasizes just plain feeling good, and special needs may be addressed.

  • Yoga I/II
  • This is one of our Foundations classes.


    This Yoga I/II blended class includes key instruction for beginner yogis, while offering options for experienced yogis to deepen and further their practice. Teachers address various levels while adapting to students' needs.

  • Malas, Mantra, and Meditation

  • Enhance your practice with the use of malas, mantras, and meditation. In Hindu and Buddhist tradition, a mala is used while chanting, offering prayer, or reciting mantra (repetition of meaningful words). Join Karen in this fun, hands-on workshop, to create your own 108 wooden bead and gemstone mala!

    As you work, you will:
    • Discover the history of mala beads and their use as a tool during meditation
    • Gain an understanding of mantra, it’s meaning, and how it relates to meditation
    • Learn about gemstones and their respective healing properties


    When your mala is complete, use your new creation as a focal point in a guided meditation led by Karen.


    Mother's Day is coming, treat your mom!  Bring her to the workshop or make her a mala that is as unique as she is!

    No experience necessary.


    Sat, May 13, 1-4pm



    This workshop is at our East Greenwich location.