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Our Providence location is without internet and phone.
Please call our South Kingstown location. 11/17

Amy Jones

Amy Jones first discovered Energy Medicine in her massage therapy training in 2004. From this initial intrigue, Amy decided to pursue more training in the field of healing arts, graduating from a 700-Hr. Polarity Therapy course in 2009, as well as becoming a Reiki Practitioner. After graduation, Amy apprenticed for a year at the New Mexico Academy of Healing Arts with Shanna Marsh, adding 1400 hours of Polarity Therapy training, thus becoming a Polarity Instructor in 2011.

Amy’s classes and workshops are a combination of the energetics of healing, the dynamics of dis-ease and the practical tools to use for everyday Self- Care. With an emphasis on women and reproductive health, Amy creates a safe and sacred space for women to gather and unwind.

“It is in the pause and the listening that we become the Great Weaver of our life. We unravel and unbind the trauma of our wounds. We set free all the pain held in our Wombs- all the heartache and grief, all the unspoken stories and dreams, the losses and let-gos, and we find the buried treasure of who we truly are.” ~ Amy Jones

Amy Jones instructs the following:
  • Polarity Therapy for Self-Care

  • Come celebrate your body in a night of self-care designed for women of all ages.

    Join Amy Jones, polarity instructor and practitioner, and learn simple yet profound techniques to alleviate stress and tension in the body. Explore the physical as well as the emotional elements that lead to strain and anxiety, and support one another while engaging in specific tools that aid in relaxation and relief.

    Learn how to:

    • slow down and listen to your body
    • engage the pubic bone and perineal floor for menstrual cramp relief
    • relax your jaw and hip to release tension
    • massage meridian/ energy lines for relaxation and rest
    • massage the womb and digestive tract

    Polarity Therapy is a form of Energy Medicine (like Reiki and Craniosacral Therapy) that utilizes protocols specific to the body's different systems to form an all-encompassing health care approach. Created by Dr. Randolph Stone, an Osteopath and Naturopath, Polarity weaves together energy medicine, Ayurveda, yoga and philosophy as a means to aid in the healing of the body. Polarity offers a deeper understanding as to why dis-ease arises, and provides techniques to assist in restoring balance and health in the body.

    This workshop is perfect for women of all health backgrounds and is supportive for peri and postmenopausal women. Pregnancy is the ONLY contraindication.
    Sat, Nov 18, 5-8pm

    This workshop is at our Providence location.