Happy Mind = Happy Life


May is Mental Health Awareness Month, and here at All That Matters we believe that a happy mind begins with a quiet mind. So consider some reasons to incorporate yoga into your daily routine:
  1. With Practice Comes Self-Acceptance: Yoga asks us to sit with our thoughts and physical sensations in a non-judgmental way. The more often you move with awareness noticing breath, body, mind, and emotions the more likely you are able to maintain that awareness when the "challenging" sensations arise... bringing compassion to the situation.
  2. Syncing Body and Mind with Breath Reduces Stress: Controlled breathing, Pranayama, has been proven to reduce symptoms associated with stress and attention-deficit disorders, anxiety, insomnia, and depression. Even if you find it difficult to sit and meditate, try to focus on your breathing for just 5-10 minutes.
  3. It Builds Physical Strength: Stronger and more pliable muscles, stability in the joints, and improved balance will reduce susceptibility to pain and injury... leading to increased energy and vitality.
  4. Daily Practice "Keeps Us Clean": The basic practices of yoga and meditation are simply good hygiene. They help clean out the bad thoughts and bodily sensations we feel during the day allowing more room for rest and positive engagement with the world around us.

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From East Greenwich, with Love.


The back door is open… Come watch the trees bloom, the birds fly, and the woodland creatures find food. Some days we can hear the stream, rushing water in the background, other days the space is filled with raindrops on the roof. If you are seeking a space of tranquility and rest come make a visit. The walls have fresh coats of paint and each week the space finds home to new plants, books, and artwork. And, of course, find your way back to your breath and back to your body on your yoga mat.

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Sustainable Spring at The Store!

Spring Gifts Table
In celebration of Spring (the sun is shining!) and Earth Day on 4/22, we're highlighting some sustainable companies and goods that we offer in the The Store at All That Matters. Check out our latest newsletter and stop by for fresh spring gift ideas and support brands that are committed to more sustainable business practices. READ THE NEWSLETTER!

A message from Joan Dwyer

As we embark on a new year, I find my heart full of awe and appreciation for all that goes on under the roofs at All That Matters. Each day our team of 80+ teachers and staff members work with great care - greeting, solving, organizing, teaching, healing, learning, inspiring, holding space, supporting - and serving hundreds of community members who walk through our doors. Read More

Amy Kristin Photography visits The Store

"The holiday shopping season is upon us, and I recently stopped by the store and chatted with store goddess Tara who helped with suggesting gifts for various people on all of our gift lists, even those who are hard to shop for. Take a look below to get some great gift ideas, and make sure to stop by the store at All That Matters at 311 Main Street in Wakefield..."

FREE Yoga for Vets

Dan Nevins

“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself through the service of others.” -Mahatma Gandhi

This image of Staff Sergeant Dan Nevins (U.S. Army Operation Iraqi Freedom ll. Veteran turned yoga teacher), by Robert Sturman encapsulates the beauty and power of resilience. And Service -- Serving our family and loved ones, our friends and neighbors, and ultimately serving ourselves. This month we at All That Matters extend our gratitude to those who risk putting their minds, bodies, and lives in harm’s way in order to serve.

We’ll be taking part in the FREE Yoga for Vets initiative started by Robert Sturman… During the month of November all vets and military personnel are invited to experience the power of yoga and healing at all 3 of our studio locations. Just bring a valid Military ID or DD 214.

This is What's Next

"Let’s lead the United States as the first of fifty to unite around raising the bar on our individual and collective vitality—today and for our future." - Joan Dwyer Read More

New Spring/Summer Yoga Schedules

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Open Front Desk Goddess Position!

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We're looking for someone to join our team of Front Desk Goddesses. Head to www.allthatmatters.com/get-involved for an application!

The Search for MEaning

Coral Brown's inspiring tell all hits stands. Read More