Be Inspired into Action

Danielle Fire Starter


If you are looking for a great book to help lead you on your path to success, Danielle LaPorte’s Fire Starter Sessions could be the perfect fit for you.


Check out what others have to say about her work:


“As a coach and facilitator I use the book as a resource to help develop questions and exercises for my clients. I encourage my clients to think of and share stories of their successes, their dreams, their passions and to help them see they have the skills, to get where they want to go. Her book is a very good match with my style of coaching and facilitating, which is action-oriented and strength-focused with an eye toward being appreciative. This book is an excellent resource for strategic planning sessions, stimulating reflection and conversations around vision, mission and goals.” – Deb Matthews


“It's like having a series of sessions with an excellent life coach — useful and elucidating "worksheets" at the end of every chapter. If you read it and do the worksheets, you will definitely know yourself and your dharma better. Plus, it is well written and well designed.” – Jane Bernstein


"What Danielle has to say is what our spirits need to hear." – Martha Beck


"This book will ignite you into action." – Gretchen Rubin, author of The Happiness Project


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