A Great Read To Consider


Nourishing The TeacherCalling all yoga students and teachers! We have a great new read waiting for you at The Store at All That Matters. Danny Arguetty's Nourishing The Teacher could be just the book you are looking for. See what others have said about this nourishing text below.


Danny Arguetty will also be offering three workshops at All That Matters in January of 2014. Learn more here.


“Inspired by his study of Tantra and Anusara Yoga, Arguetty presents seed concepts drawn from yoga philosophy and his own life experience—the present moment, the goddess Devi, the anahata (heart) chakra, to name a few—as potential opportunities for self-exploration. He offers instruction for investigating each concept with contemplation and intention, asana practice, visualizations, and pranayama, and for teaching these concepts to others.” -Yoga Journal


"This book is filled with valuable teaching ideas, experiences, and knowledge for yoga teachers and students. Danny's way of writing is inviting. He shares his vast and varied yoga teaching and yoga study with great generousity. Like a teacher willing to give away all their best teaching tools and tricks. He is so well-rounded in his approach that no matter what style ot type of yoga you take or teach, this book is sure to expand your horizons and expertise. If you have been teachng yoga for a while and are looking for inspiration, this is your book. If you are a student and want to make your personal practice richer or get more from the classes you are taking, this is your book. Truly nourishing." -Devarshi Steven Hartman


"If I had to get rid of all the books in my library and could only keep one this is the one I'd keep. It continues to surprise me and definately nourishes me. I thank the author for all the effort he put into Nourishing The Teacher. There is no other book like it." -500-hr Yoga Teacher


Visit Danny's website at NourishYourLight.com.