Meet All That Matters Yoga Student Cindy Butera


ATM Yoga Student Cindy ButeraMeet All That Matters yogi Cindy Butera and enjoy learning a little more about her as we have!


What attracted you to yoga? Why did you start?

I have done everything from aerobics and running to lifting weights and spinning, but wanted a more total body workout without putting stress on one area of my body.  Plus, I love the outfits!


What is your favorite type or style of yoga and why?  

I love going to Jessie’s Purna Yoga classes.  She really helped me to understand what alignment means in the postures.  Also, she taught me that it is not a bad thing to use a block.  If you are doing the pose correctly, you probably need a block.


What keeps you doing yoga? 

I feel much better after I have done a yoga class than when I first walk in.  I want to always stay active.


What is your favorite yoga pose and why?

Savasana– Class is over!


What other activities do you enjoy? 

I have a pool in my backyard and love to swim.  


An inspiring book or movie you recommend:

I like to read murder mysteries, especially James Patterson.  I love scary movies without blood, like “Paranormal Activity”.


Favorite sound: Birds singing


Favorite food: Nachos


Favorite place to be: Anywhere my family is.  We are a very close family.


What do you like best about All That Matters? I have not met an instructor that I didn’t like.  They are all so nice and willing to help you anytime you ask.  Plus, they make it a point to know your name.  It truly feels like I have known them a lot longer than I have.


Advice to beginners?  Make sure you try all the classes that are offered.  Every class has something to offer you and it keeps your practice interesting.


Any other words of wisdom: Have fun!