All That Matters Student of the Month December 2013: Nicole Noren




Meet Nicole Noren,

Talented Yogi and Future Instructor



I am pleased to introduce you to Nicole Noren, our December 2013 Student of the Month.  Nicole is vibrant member of our community who is positively brimming with positive energy.  She is a talented practitioner of yoga who is enrolled in the current 200 hr Yoga Teacher Training right here at All That Matters.  Nicole is poised to become a fantastic yoga instructor after her class graduates this spring.  Nicole practices yoga to create peace and balance of body and mind (because and in spite of the demands of her busy life!)  Thank you for sharing this glimpse into your inspirations, your motivations, and your loves, Nicole!



What attracted you to yoga? Why did you start?

I started practicing about 17 years ago after seeing a class in my gym and wondering, ‘why are those people Om’ing in there?’


What is your favorite type or style and why?

Am digging Prana Flow lately, and I also love hot classes where the heat isn’t too oppressive. I like any class that mixes it up and gives you the freedom to practice at your level - nothing too rigid.


What is your favorite yoga pose and why?

Utthita Parsvakonasana (extended side angle pose). I love the opening it creates, and how you have to trust your own balance and strength in order to lean back and open your heart upward.


What other activities do you enjoy?

Trail running, travel, photography, hiking, eating, fishing, seeing live music, spending time with friends


An inspiring book or movie you recommend?

I LOVE documentaries, and one of my all-time favorites is Heima. It’s about the Icelandic band Sigur Ros, and how they held a series of free concerts in unique venues in Iceland over the course of one summer. It’s a hauntingly beautiful film. Chasing Ice was my favorite doc last year.


Favorite food?

That’s an impossible question to answer- I LOVE all types of food. If you twisted my arm and forced me to pick one – I’d say Asian food because that encompasses Japanese, Vietnamese, Thai and Indian.


Favorite place to be and why?

On a deserted beach on the north shore of Kauai. I used to live there, so maybe I’m partial, but it’s the most beautiful and otherworldly spot I’ve ever been.


What keeps you doing yoga?

It helps me stay balanced in both body and mind. I have a fairly intense job, so yoga and running are my escapes. They are much cheaper than therapy!


Any advice to beginners?

Look past the ‘workout’ of yoga, and let the mindfulness in your practice grow.  


What do you like most about All That Matters?

The community and positive energy. Many yoga studios nowadays are focused on the physical aspect of yoga, but I love how ATM has a more holistic approach to wellbeing. Plus, it’s not pretentious - the teachers are well-trained and knowledgeable, but they don’t take themselves too seriously. :)