Jump Start Your New Year With Jennifer Reis and Winter Fire, Inner Light Yoga


Jennifer Reis


All That Matters is excited to welcome Jennifer Reis, the creator and developer of both Five Element Yoga® and Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra®, for a special workshop on Jan. 4th from 1-4pm. This all-levels three-hour session of Winter Fire, Inner Light weaves the elements of Jennifer's powerful yoga styles together in one potent experience.  Online registration is available now.  You deserve to feel this good, and to start the new year with a healthy approach to sleep!



What Is Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra?

Divine Sleep is an eight-stage guided meditation practiced laying down.  Jennifer systematically guides you on a meditative journey through each layer of your being including:

  • Physical
  • Energetic
  • Mental-emotional
  • Witness-awareness
  • Joy-healing

Each level of your being is calmed, soothed, and transitioned into the healing mode.  Jennifer’s journeys typically include nature and visualization, invoking your healing energy through colors, symbols and imagery.  There is nothing required of you but to lie down and listen. 


Benefits of Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra

Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra allows you to experience deeper levels of inner freedom than you ever imagined possible.  Effortlessly, compassionately, and rapidly, this practice brings you into a state of healing relaxation.  It helps you catch up on sleep! It can also improve the quality of your sleep, lower blood pressure, aid in pain management, and improve stress-related illnesses.  Divine Sleep makes it possible to live your fullest potential.  Jennifer’s guided Divine Sleep CD’s are the best-selling CD’s at Kripalu Center.  Effects of Divine Sleep:

  • Slows down and you take a break from everyday concerns
  • Gives you permission to rest, balance and restore.
  • Tap into new sources of energy.
  • Awakens your whole being, allowing you to enjoy life fully. 
  • Transforms, heals and rejuvenates you at core levels. 
  • Turns stress into healing energy.
  • Accesses your deeper levels, feeling connection with your whole self. 
  • Switches you out of flight-or-fight and into the relaxation response - the body’s natural healing state to revitalize and regenerate. 
  • Transforms limiting beliefs that hold you back from living fully.


What Is Five Element Yoga?

Five Element Yoga® is a potent practice that realigns you with the rhythms of nature.  Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether are the archetypal building blocks that compose the Universe, including nature and the human body. Wellness depends on the harmony and balance of these internal five elements. This multi-faceted inquiry allows your elements to flower from within to establish balance, and fortify vitality in your mind and body.

In this practice you will move your body with yoga postures, flow with unique breathing techniques, revitalize your energy with mudras, detoxify with self-massage, deeply rest and rejuvenate in Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra, then reflect and integrate it through creative expression.  This practice brings together the rich traditions of Jennifer’s experience as senior Kripalu faculty, Ayurveda and Shiatsu therapist, yoga therapist, artist and meditator.


Benefits of Five Element Yoga:

  • Nourishes your whole being with joyous movement and deep relaxation.
  • Develops the elemental qualities of grounding, fluidity, transformation, compassion, and freedom.
  • Dives deep within the matrix of your being.
  • Brings potent new tools to your mat and into your life as your natural constitution comes into perfect flow, increasing health, happiness, peace and potential.


Take some time for yourself this weekend to relax, recharge, refresh, and go back home at the end of the day ready for the holiday season.  You really do deserve it.  Register now!