Joan Dwyer Presents "A Visit to Syria"

Joan Dwyer's November 2013 Ignite presentation at the Contemporary Theater Company is entitled "A Visit to Syria." This presentation is an attempt by Joan, the co-owner of All That Matters Yoga and Holistic Health Center in Wakefield, RI, to put a new face on Syria, the home of her grandparents. Why? Because Joan believes that " people caring about people can change the world and awareness is an important element toward peace." Admittedly, the face of Syria most often photographed and shared with the public is the face of terrorism, war, and fear. How does Joan's differ? She will open your eyes to Syria's diversity, beautiful art and archaeology, rich history, amazing food, and its biggest and must unique asset--its warm and loving people and their commitment to family. The picture of Syria that Joan paints is beautiful; of a country with deeply-rooted history. It is also the picture of people living in fear because merely speaking about politics or religion can cause them to be imprisoned. This civil unrest has caused more than 4 million people to be displaced 125,000 people to be killed. Joan hopes to ignite your curiosity to learn more about Syria and what you can do to promote human rights.