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TAKE NOTE! Main Street in SK will be closed for the Firefighter's Memorial Parade on 9/24 at 1pm. Please plan accordingly. ALSO, Kendall's Mon/Tue Morning 9:30am classes are cancelled for 9/25 and 9/26.  Please join us for another class!

This Weekend at All That Matters, Make Time To Quiet Your Mind.



Quiet the Mind


Sound has an incredible way of shaping conscious thoughts, steering emotions, and evoking profound feelings.  If we don't utilize the tools to quiet our minds, the background noise of our daily lives can drive us in any number of directions.  If we're not mindful, we don't just notice the sound of a crying baby, a car stereo, the phone ringing, the car horn beeping, or our neighbor's barking dog.  We experience it, hold it, and allow it to transform us.

At All that Matters, we have a long list of tools to stop, unifying the mind, breath, and body.  This weekend, we invite you to join us in finding a quiet and peaceful place to practice.  On Friday, Stephanie Marisca will prevent our monthly gong bath, a deeply relaxing sound meditation.  Saturday will bring Dr. Alan Post and Andrea Aschenbrener for Meditation for Spiritual Awareness, an opportunity to quiet your mind in an atmosphere of peaceful silence.  On Sunday, Ming Lee Prospero will lead Healing Through Kundalini:  Open Your Heart, a yoga practice that integrates breathwork, chanting, and meditation.  


Friday, January 31

Monthly Gong Bath

with Stephanie Marisca


Friday, January 31

Reiki Second Degree

with Myra Partyka


Saturday, February 1

Meditation for Spiritual Awareness

with Dr. Alan Post & Andrea Aschenbrener


Sunday, February 2

Healing Through Kundalini:

Open Your Heart

with Ming Lee Prospero




What is Reiki? Free Intro Talk

with Myra Partyka

on Monday, February 3rd


Yin Yoga and The Energy Body

with Ken Nelson & Lesli Lang

on Saturday, February