May 2014 Yogi of the Month: Sweet, Vibrant Betty Saloman



2014 Yogi of the Month Betty Saloman

"You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream."

- C. S. Lewis 


The All That Matters May Yogi of the Month is living proof of just that.  Betty, who is a dedicated student in Kendall and Amy's Yoga 50+ classes, keeps coming to class because it helps her keep dancing. In fact, at 92 years young, she recently told us that she was out all night dancing! Betty is an inspiration and a motivation in class, still holding a strong Downward Facing Dog and flowing her way through some sweet Sun Salutations.  Thank you, Betty, for sharing some insight into your practice.



What attracted you to yoga? Why did you start?

Other workouts seemed to move too fast.  Yoga was more aware of the mind and body.


What is your favorite type or style of yoga?  

Gentle Yoga that moves me.


What keeps you doing yoga? 

It helps keep me dancing.


What is your favorite yoga pose?

Sun Salutations


What other activities do you enjoy? 

Walking, cooking, knitting, visiting with family and friends.  Gardening is a favorite.


An inspiring book or movie you recommend:

“Ammonites & Leaping Fish: A Life in Time”,  by Penelope Lively


Favorite food:

Most memorable– Eating a peach in Portugal


Favorite place to be:

The beach, listening to the surf.


What do you like best about All That Matters?

Front Desk Goddess Claudia’s welcoming greeting and instructors who are so knowledgeable and understanding of the individual.


Advice to beginners? 

Don’t give up.


Any other words of wisdom? 

Maintain your sense of humor– Lighten up in every way.