Last Call for 40 Days and a Free Massage!



Give Yourself the Gift of 40 Days. 

Give Your Family the Gift of a Happier You.


(and we'll give you the gift of a free massage!)

Have you heard people gush about the the All That Matters 40 Day program--but never had the opportunity to experience your own personal revolution?  It's your turn.  Dive in with us tomorrow as we begin 40 days of yoga, meditation, and healthy eating.  Embrace the endless possibilities in store to change your health, your happiness, and your outlook on life.  Choose to look back on the Summer of 2014 as a season of change, renewal, and revitalization.  This is your time.   
  • Unlimited Yoga Classes
  • Weekly Support Meetings each Wednesday with Jenn Thomas and Joan Dwyer
  • A 60 Minute Massage
40 Days is not just about yoga - it's a full body revolution, and the ultimate 'me time.'  That's why, for the first time, we are extending a very special offer.  if you sign up by noon on Wednesday, you will get a free massage as part of your program.

Are you ready?  Register now by visiting our website or by calling the front desk at 401-782-2126. 

If not now, when?

In Partnership and Health,

Joan Dwyer, Jenn Thomas, and the Staff at All That Matters