Ready for a Day at the Beach? Stop by the Store at All That Matters and Gear Up!

Ready to spend a day parked on one of Rhode Island's beautiful beaches with your toes in the sand? The Store at All That Matters is stocked up with all the essentials you need for an epic day in the sun.  Swing by Main Street and get geared up!


1.  Raw Elements Sunscreen

Raw Elements Sunscreen


Raw Elements Sunscreen is a physical sunscreen manufactured locally by a Narragansett native and swim captain.  We love it because it is safe, (given the highest possible safety rating by EWG for three years!) contains all-natural ingredients, (primarily zinc oxide) and is proven effective at blocking UVA and UVB rays.



2.  Tunisian Cotton Towels

Tunisian Cotton Towels


Tunisian cotton towels are soft, absorbent, and durable towels ethically made by the people of Tunisia. We love them because they are so adaptable, with an abundance of uses from a beach towel to a picnic blanket to a shawl or even a table cloth!  



3.  Beach Mats

Beach Yoga Mats

Everyone needs a change of pace every now and then, which is why we love taking yoga out of the studio and onto the sand each summer.  Because of popular demand, we brought in this line of beach yoga mats to the store that are durable, comfortable, and made especially for the rigors of a beach yoga practice.  We love them because these mats make yoga on the beach a more enjoyable experience for all.



4.  OOFOS Sandals

OOFOS sandals became an instant favorite when we brought this line into the store a few years back.  Designed to absorb impact and support footbed recovery in runners, these snazzy flip flops are machine washable and surprisingly durable.  We love them because they are sooooo comfortable!  You can't possibly understand unless you try a pair come on in and see for yourself!



5.  LifeFactory Water Bottles


Staying hydrated is the key to health in the summer, so we hope that you always have a bottle of fresh water at hand!  These glass bottles, wrapped in a durable silicone sleeve, are dishwasher-safe and available in a variety of colors and sizes.