Finding Your Balance

With Labor Day weekend upon us, we take some time to reflect and celebrate our accomplishments as workers. Every day, millions of Americans wake up and head off to contribute to the strength, prosperity and well-being of their country. With those achievements, however, can come stress, anxiety, unhappiness and exhaustion. Often times we push ourselves, our bodies, and our minds to achieve more, do more, and work harder. 

This weekend, take some time to listen to what your body and soul really needs. Balance the work with the play, the stress with the calm, and the pushing with the pulling back. Remember to keep the opposing forces “Langhana” (that which lightens) and “Brahmana” (that which builds) front and center in your life. Achieving balance in your life takes making the conscious decision to do what your body needs in that very moment. We are the experts in our own lives and can rely on our own intuition to do what is right for ourselves in that moment. 

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