Finding Balance Through Food

As we approach the equinox on Sept 21, and transition fully into fall- or any season for that matter- it's important to acknowledge how the cycles of time create shifts in how we feel.  Additionally, our nutritional needs change depending on our environment. Awareness of these changes is the first step in optimal health.

Preparing for the fall:

Most of us crave balance in both diet and lifestyle.  With the change of the seasons, we experience change in our body which can effect our balance. Recognizing what is going on around us in our environment is a good place to start in understanding the qualities of the seasons.

During the fall months we notice the temperatures drop, wind pick up, and leaves dry out. We may also notice that our skin gets drier, we are colder, and maybe even feel less grounded. According to Ayurveda, everything that we take in through the five senses, including taste, can either promote balance or create imbalance. 

In preparation for the fall months, it is most health-supportive to select foods that have the following qualities: moist, sweet, heavy, and warm.  These qualities balance the dry, light, cool characteristics of the fall and support the immune system. It's best to favor cooked foods rather than raw salads which have a cooling and drying affect on the body.

What we eat also impacts how we feel in our minds.  Windy fall days can cause us to feel a bit ungrounded and scattered, so selecting heavier foods like oatmeal and squash promote a calm, stable mind.

Lynn Goodwin is a health coach at All That Matters who specializes in showing clients how to add whole foods to their diet to increase energy, reduce stress, overcome cravings and arrive at optimal weight. Learn more about how to find balance in your diet with her upcoming workshop on October 20th.