Fall Harvest: Roasted Parsnips and Ginger

Recipe courtesy of Lynn Goodwin

Parsnips are a perfect fall vegetable. They resemble a carrot but are cream-colored.

Similar to carrots, winter squash and other root vegetables, parsnips are naturally sweet in taste.  One of the reasons we can experience cravings for sugar and candy, is because our diet lacks naturally sweet foods.  You can actually prevent sugar cravings all together by adding in sweet vegetables like parsnips.

According to Ayurveda, these root vegetables have a heavy, grounding quality when consumed which helps to balance a stressed, scattered, or racing mind.  The sweet taste also calms the mind as it pacifies the central nervous system.  Accompanied with a warming spice like ginger, this dish will help keep you warm, grounded, and satiated this fall.

This makes a simple 3-ingredient side dish.
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