Introduction to Celtic Shamanism

The Silver Branch: Introduction to Celtic Shamanism
with Sharon MacLoed
Sat, Jan 24

With a history spanning thousands of years, Shamanism has been evident in a variety of cultures and regions throughout the world. A form of connecting with the spirit world, shamanism is one of the ways humans have found to help understand the universe.

Celtic Shamanism, which dates back 13,000 years, has morphed from it’s spiritual roots into a useable form that is not only consistent with it’s heritage, but is relevant for today. Explore this ancient way of communicating with the spirit world as you learn the basics of Shamanism and the teachings and prayers in the Celtic language. Examine the traditions of the ancient Celtic Shamans and help revive and renew hidden practices meant to open that connection between the physical and spiritual realms. Discover spirit teachers and allies and meet guides, both in human and animal form. These guides are meant to help protect, assist and lead you through your daily life.

Please bring a journal/notebook, scarf/eye covering, blanket or shawl and an object for the alter.

Suggested Reading:
Celtic Myth and Religion: A Study of Traditional Belief by Sharon Paice MacLeod
Queen of the Night: Rediscovering the Celtic Moon Goddess by Sharynne NicMhacha
The Divine Feminine in Ancient Europe: Goddesses, Sacred Women and the Origins of Western Culture by Sharon Paice MacLeod 

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