The Veg Edge by Jeanette Bessinger

We all know that eating right during the holiday season can be a difficult task. We are often faced with parties and events that tempt us with sweets and goodies that we know aren't great for our bodies. Jeannette Bessinger, of The Clean Food Reboot, has some great advice on how to help keep your body working at it's full potential, and some tips you can carry with you long after the last present has been unwrapped.

The Veg Edge 
By Jeannette Bessinger, the Clean Food Coach™

As the Clean Food Coach™ I get a lot of dietary questions…
What’s the best thing to eat for my health?
What should I eat to lose weight?
Can I eat anything to clear up my skin?
What can I eat to make me feel better?

Ninety nine percent of the time my first answer to all of these questions is exactly the same: Eat. More. Vegetables.

It’s not a sexy answer. Most of the time I get a blank stare for a moment and then the person says “But I know that already!” 

And therein lies the rub.

Everyone knows they should be eating more vegetables. Even kids know this. And since we know it, we file it in our brains as “handled” and think we’re actually doing it. 

But we aren’t eating enough vegetables. Not even close.

According to a 2103 study by the National Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, U.S. adults eat veggies on average about 1.6 times a day. Fruit consumption is even lower - about 1.1 times per day. The U.S. Department of Agriculture recommends making half your plate fruits and vegetables. Doctors like Joel Fuhrman, a specialist in natural disease prevention and reversal, recommend eating a full 2 pounds of produce daily, one pound raw and one pound cooked! 

The experts recommend eating 2 pounds of produce daily for optimal health, and on average we are eating a little over 2 servings, which amounts to just a few ounces.

So even though we know we should be eating more vegetables, we just aren’t doing it.

And that’s really too bad, because the countries that eat the lowest amounts of unprocessed plant food, like the U.S. and Hungary, have the highest rates of heart disease and cancer, while the countries that eat the most, like Thailand and Laos, have the lowest rates of those diseases. The most healing foods for the types of issues that people usually struggle with, like weight gain, lifestyle disease, flagging mood or energy and skin problems, are those foods which have the highest levels of nutrients for the lowest number of calories, namely vegetables. 

[NOTE: While fruits are seriously nutrient-loaded, they also run higher in calories than veggies because they are higher in natural sugars. So while fruits are terrific for you, you should limit your intake based on how much sugar you can handle - generally choosing the lowest-sugar options, such as berries, apples and pears over higher-sugar options such as the tropical fruits.]

Another way that eating a lot of vegetables heals multiple issues is that over time they tend to crowd out some of the other foods you are eating that might not be so great for you, like the processed stuff (processed meats, bread, crackers, chips, etc.) Dr. Fuhrman says that 41% of the U.S. diet is made up of animal foods, 50% of processed and packaged foods and only 9% unprocessed plant foods, with half of that coming from potatoes! No wonder so many of us are feeling so lousy!

So what’s stopping you? Why aren’t you eating at least half a plate of veggies and fruits at every meal? If you’re anything like my readers, there are lots of things in your way. Maybe you or your family don’t like the taste of vegetables. Maybe you don’t know how to prepare them. Maybe you don’t even know what half the stuff on the produce shelves is called, never mind how to make it! 

That’s actually one of the drivers for my work as the Clean Food Coach™. I research and test hundreds of methods for preparing the best fresh produce in the easiest, most nutrient-rich and tastiest ways. In fact my launch product – The Clean Food Reboot – is a kind of primer for adding in large amounts of vegetables to the average diet in ultra-quick-and-tasty ways. I introduce techniques like layering – making blended veggie dressings for veggie salads, and stuffies – using hollowed out veggies like tangy tomatoes or sweet peppers as “bowls” for all kinds of delicious fillings. 

The Reboot is a gorgeous 4-week, done-for-you menu plan that comes complete with amazing recipes, shopping lists, photos and even simple lifestyle guidelines for recharging your energy, resetting your weight and reducing your stress. Most of the meals are on the table in 15 minutes or less, the menu is heavily produce-oriented and there is no waste – you’ll use everything you buy and so it pays for itself in saved food waste before it’s even completed! In addition, if you buy it now you’ll get a bonus gift of one special support email every day of your program for the whole month with personal motivation to improve your eating, clean food tips, extra recipes and lots more. 

Grab a recipe sample and read what folks have to say about how the Reboot has helped them HERE. 
With a 100% money-back guarantee, how can you go wrong?

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