Moving Through the Season

During the holiday season, it may seem like you’re always moving. The constant inertia that propels us from one holiday obligation to another can be exhausting! This time of year, it is important to incorporate conscious movement that is not only good for your body, but helpful when trying to stay centered and calm through all the season’s urgency.

Our weekly classes offer a variety of options to help you de-stress, declutter your mind, and decompress. From Stretch + Breathe to Heated Vinyasa, Rise + Shine to Meditation, there are options available to fit anything your body, or soul, may need. To truly embrace the season, check out 108 Sun Salutations this Sunday with Coral Brown. What a beautiful way to honor the solstice! Read more about the significance of the number 108 and this upcoming workshop! We’re also offering special holiday classes. Check out our holiday schedule here.

Here’s our list of Top 10 reasons to do yoga. Could you use any of these benefits this season?

Stress Relief
Pain Relief
Improved Breathing
Improved Flexibility & Mobility
Increased Strength
Weight Management
Improved Circulation
Cardiovascular Conditioning
Improved Body Alignment
Ability to Focus on the Present