Patanjali’s Sutras: A Path to Freedom with Devarshi Steven Hartman

with Devarshi Steven Hartman
Sun, Jan 18

Have you been searching for a guide down your own path of enlightenment? Have you heard about the Yoga Sutra but have been looking to learn more and explore it further? Join Devarshi, a yoga student and teacher of over 30 years, as you explore the words and traditions of Patanjali. 

This short, four-chapter poem, may hold keys on your personal journey of self discovery. Follow the winding verses along with Devarshi as you explore Patanjali's guidance on meditation, discipline, manifestation and liberation. Allow this guide to enter your life, as you discover where your yoga journey will take you. Open yourself up to this unifying text that pulls together the ancient beginnings and teachings of the yoga tradition.