February Student of the Month: Dan Delaney


What attracted you to yoga?  Why did you start?
As a physical means to connect with spirit.
What is your favorite type or style of yoga and why?
Kundalini– Deep activation of the energy body.
What is your favorite yoga pose and why?
Mountain pose– Movement within stillness.
What keeps you doing yoga?
If I stop, I might get old.
What other activities do you enjoy?
Tai Chi, Chi Kung, kayaking, hiking, beach time.
An inspiring book or movie you recommend?
The Science of Yoga by I.K. Taimni (Yoga Sutras)
Favorite food?
Favorite place to be and why?
Nature- “I am that”
 What do you like most about All That Matters?
The environment and the people that help and support spiritual growth.
Advice to beginners?
Relax, enjoy yourself!  If you stick with it, yoga will change your life.
Any other words of wisdom?
Develop a daily home practice.