Meet Kristi Martel - Healer and Wellness Coach


Creative Self Care by Deb Goeschal

Kristi Martel, Creative Chanteuse, Delivers Yoga and Healing 

When I think of creativity and self-care, my dear friend Kristi always comes to mind. She's a nationally touring and recording pianist, vocalist, songwriter, and music teacher with awards, degrees, and over 15 years experience who also happens to be a devoted yogi and healer/wellness coach. My heart and soul have soared, carried on her beautiful voice singing songs of transformation and I've also personally experienced her healing work; powerful and effective are the two words that come to mind. She's a constant source of self-care reminders for me!

Work with Kristi
Kristi's approach to teaching yoga gives her students a grounding, joyful, reverent, and engaged experience -- and she sings during savasana(!). She inspires her students to cultivate awareness, fine-tune alignment, awaken flexibility, and embody Prana (breath-energy.) Her mixed- level classes are open to beginners through advanced students and are designed for all ages and physical abilities. She's dedicated to creating sacred space for you to open to your own grace, healing, and insight. Kristi currently teaches group yoga classes at All That Matters and private yoga instruction in Wakefield, RI.

Kristi also offers wellness coaching (in Wakefield and over the phone) that combines applied kinesiology, chakra and asana practice, and Integrated Energy Therapy to help clients make healthier choices for their bodies and lives. She is a new Mama, so her schedule is limited; plan to contact her early if you want to work with her. To make an appointment, call 401-338-2643.

Article courtesy of Deb Goeschel of Wellness Scribe.