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TAKE NOTE! Main Street in SK will be closed for the Firefighter's Memorial Parade on 9/24 at 1pm. Please plan accordingly. ALSO, Kendall's Mon/Tue Morning 9:30am classes are cancelled for 9/25 and 9/26.  Please join us for another class!


I began my yoga journey early in life, but didn't wander into All That Matters until 2008 when I was on the precipice of turning 30. Big life changes were happening and everything was shifting. I needed a community—badly. I have always believed that yoga is so powerful because if we allow yoga to heal us it has the potential to be a catalyst for change. Yoga brings me back to me. I needed more like-minded people in my life; I needed that community. 

So on a whim, I went to All That Matters to take Coral Brown's Heated Prana Flow class on Monday night. Mind-blown! The class was absolutely amazing and at the end she mentioned the 40 Day (R)EVOLUTION program. I was intrigued and loved the idea of trying to take a class everyday, experimenting with different styles of yoga and meeting new yoga teachers. The cost was an excellent deal and I knew at that moment—as class ended, people were walking out, and sweat still pouring off of me—I was all in!

Forty days of yoga was truly life-altering. I went to class five times a week, and when I couldn't get to All That Matters I rolled my mat out at home and just had fun. We met on a weekly basis and the meetings were uplifting and supportive. I felt that I could laugh, shout, cry, blubber, and do whatever at these meetings and no one thought that was weird...because they were doing it too! When you dedicate that much time to yourself, it is called Svadhyaya, which is Sanskrit for self-study.

Meeting with Joan Dwyer for a food consultation was incredible also. By examining what I ate for a week, we found patterns that I didn't even realize I was trapped in. Joan taught me that the food I was eating represented what I was craving in life—more love, more community.

And of course there is the actual YOGA. From Svaroopa to Power yoga, I tried it all. Every class was challenging in it's own way and a touchstone on my path to self-acceptance. All the teachers at All That Matters made sure to mention the theme of the week which always brought me back to why I was doing the program in the first place—to work on acceptance and to be more loving. 

Looking deeply at oneself can be frightening, but also fantastically freeing. I am ME and being ME is OK. It's not an ego thing, it is acceptance of the true self as it is.  It doesn't need to be changed, altered, or modified in any way. The 40 Day (R)EVOLUTION program taught me to be more loving towards myself and in turn, it helped me to be more loving to others. 

Since then, I've been an All That Matters junkie! Thanks a lot, sheesh.  LOL

Amanda teaches Prana Flow® Yoga, a fluid style of vinyasa created by Shiva Rea. A practitioner of yoga since she was 15 years old, Amanda has studied styles including hatha, ashtanga, and Baptiste yoga, and chose to explore Prana Flow® Yoga deeply for the creativity and spontaneity it embraces. She completed 200-hour and 500-hour certifications in Prana Flow® Yoga with Coral Brown - in 2010 and 2012 respectively – both at All That Matters.

There is still time to join the 40 Day (R)EVOLUTION program! Call All That Matters at 401-782-2126 x2 or visit