10-Minute Aparigraha Yoga Sequence with Coral Brown

Did you see All That Matters Yoga Teacher Coral Brown on the cover of this month's Yoga Journal? Yes, the COVER! While she shines bright on the cover, inside she demonstrates how to incorporate aparigraha (non-possessiveness) into your yoga practice. 

With an asana, mantra, and mudra, help bring into focus the ways the yama plays out in your life. More here, including a guided 10-Minute Aparigraha Yoga Sequence (featuring the Sunflower Room!).

Work one-on-one with Coral during this weekend's workshop on The Foundations of Vinyasa, hosted at All That Matters SK, where you'll examine the art of vinyasa as a way of practicing and living yoga. Includes a two-hour vinyasa practice, serving as a tool for integrating and digesting the information you explore!

Live your yoga!