This is one of our favorite and most effective programs. Over 1,000 people can attest to the changes they have experienced! This program - inspired by Baron Baptiste's book 40 Days to Personal Revolution - has had great success nationwide, especially when supported by a studio. 

Join us in committing to 40 days of yoga, eating well, and meditation. Whether you have been practicing yoga or are new to the experience, this program can help revolutionize your approach to your health. Work with specific tools to change old habits into new healthy choices for lasting change, learn how to meditate with weekly lessons and group sessions, understand the best way to practice yoga for your body, and gain new insights into your eating patterns. 

Take a look at the below most frequently asked questions to learn more! 

1. What does the tuition include?
  • Unlimited yoga at all three of All That Matters locations (six classes a week recommended)
  • Weekly meetings, which include discussion and teachings on meditation, diet and yoga
  • 30 minute consultation with All That Matters’ 40 Days staff or health coach
  • Posture consultation with All That Matters’ Co-Owner, Chiropractor and Yoga Teacher Dr. David Dwyer at his Warwick or South Kingstown office
  • Discounts on classes and health services at All That Matters
  • Discount on a book in The Store
  • Email and blog updates on weekly themes and expectations
  • Access to a number of All That Matters staff to address questions, concerns or challenges

2. How do I get started?

You can come to one of the intro talks or email us to have any questions answered. You can also simply start by registering and taking yoga on day one and join us at the opening meeting. Bring any questions.

3. What is up with the diet stuff? Is it really strict?
There are no strict rules, but we offer guidelines for eating a more whole food based diet. We offer recommendations and a clear framework to look at your diet and approach change with consciousness. Each week will provide a new insight into eating and supplementary information to support it. Midway we do a three-day fruit and veggie fast. There will be lots of support and information on food, yoga and meditation.

4. If I miss 1 day have I blown the whole thing?
We all are making this commitment and as such need to make every effort to participate fully. But, life happens. Forgive yourself and move on! If you can't get to yoga, take a walk. There are many levels of participation and participation can vary from day to day.

5. Do I have to take all classes at All That Matters?
It is often easier and more insightful to do yoga with a live teacher. As a 40 Day (R)EVOLUTION student, you can attend yoga at any of our locations. With that said, this program starts out with 20 minutes of yoga a day--you can do it to a DVD, at home or in any studio.

6. Can you reverse a lifetime of unhealthy habits?
Yes--in 40 days! 

7. I have more questions!
Give us a call at 401-782-2126 or email us at info@allthatmatters.com.

We hope you'll consider joining us! More information is available on our website, http://allthatmatters.com/forty-day-revolution.