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Elysia Bates discusses Reflexology

"First and foremost I want to thank you for being a wonderful, loving person as well as an extraordinary teacher and mentor. You have entered my life for a reason and I am eternally grateful. I know that you we always be a part of my life. You have taught me more than you can imagine. This course has taught me more than Reflexology and I thank you for your wonderful and patient way of teaching.."

| Claudia A. |

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Reflexology is a vibrant and growing healing modality within the field of bodywork. A centuries-old form of natural healing, foot reflexology utilizes a variety of massage techniques to stimulate and energize all the body systems while activating its healing powers. Every part of the body is connected to a reflex on the foot. By stimulating these reflex points we can help the body promote healing, reduce stress, open meridians, and release and eliminate toxins from the body. An excellent antidote to stress-related conditions, reflexology relaxes the body, restores balance, and serves as preventative medicine.

Integrative Reflexology Certification

This 300-hour professional certification in the art, history, science, philosophy, and methodology of reflexology in based on a 10-week training, with anatomy and physiology in the morning session and hands-on training in the afternoon session.

Over the last several years, Elysia Bates has certified many students who are successful practicing reflexologists today. Certificate-holding students are qualified to begin the process of national certification through ARCB or RCB. National certification is a post-graduate choice. 

To hear Elysia talk about the benefits of giving and receiving reflexology, and about participating in the Certification training, check out her interview.



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Sample Training Schedule (2017)

Certification program runs September 22, 2017 – February 4, 2018 and takes place over 6 months for a total of 10 required weekends. Complete attendance at all weekend modules is mandatory, and all requirements must be fulfilled for certification.

Times for all weekends: 9am – 5pm

  • Weekend 1 (3 days): Fri–Sun, Sep 22–24, 2017
  • Weekend 2: Oct 7–8, 2017
  • Weekend 3: Oct 21–22
  • Weekend 4: Nov 4–5, 2017
  • Weekend 5: Nov 18–19, 2017
  • Weekend 6: Dec 2–3, 2017
  • Weekend 7: Dec 16–17, 2017
  • Weekend 8: Jan 6–7, 2018
  • Weekend 9: Jan 20–21, 2018
  • Weekend 10 (Graduation Weekend):
    Fri–Sun, Feb 2–4
Sample Tuition + Requirements (2017)

  • $3295 by Aug 25, ($3495 after Aug 25)


Tuition Includes:  
  • 10 Weekend intensives with Elysia
  • Anatomy and Physiology Manual and Hands-On Training Manual
  • Payment plans are available, contact for details.

  • 180 hours – in class, including final practicum and exam
  • 50 hours – hands-on general study (50 practice sessions)
  • 70 hours – hands-on, in-depth, independent study (7 sessions with 10 people)*
  • An application is required

  • Fundamental anatomy and physiology
  • Theory, practice, hands-on experience, and documentation
  • Standards and ethics
  • Boundaries and energy exchange
  • Approaches to different types of clients, e.g., Hospice vs back-pain client
  • Anatomy/kinesiology of the leg and foot
  • Practice giving both full 60-minute treatments and 15-min introductory session for health fairs, public events, and sampling
  • Business and marketing

For more information on curriculum, tuition and application contact us: or 401.782.2126

Elysia Bates
meet elysia bates

Elysia Bates is a state- and nationally certified teacher of reflexology accredited by the American Commission for Accreditation of Reflexology Education and Training (  She is the president of the Reflexology Association of Rhode Island (RARI) and a full-time practicing reflexologist of fourteen years.  Elysia practices and teaches in New England, including 9 years of teaching a Certification Program.  Elysia was honored in 2012 by the Reflexology Association of America for helping to set-up and launch a Integrative Medicine Program at Day Kimball Hospital. She continues to work with Hospice patients through Day Kimball’s’ Hospice and Palliative Care Program in Putnam, Ct. and The Center for Hospice Care in Norwich, Ct.  Elysia has continued her own studies with reflexologists from New Zealand, Denmark, and Taiwan and enjoys organizing events to promote reflexology , including public speaking and international workshops.