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Yin Yoga sheds light on the quieter side of yoga that is very often eclipsed by the frenetic pace of life and the more yang versions of yoga currently in demand.

Part II of the training begins in April 5, 2018

Discover the rich potential that Yin Yoga can offer to your personal teaching and practice! Join Jenn Thomas, All That Matters Yin Yoga and Meditation teacher, and Dr. Tracey Sondik, Clinical psychologist, 500-E-RYT Yoga Instructor at Samadhi Yoga Studio in Manchester, CT and teacher for the Center for Integrative Yoga Studies, for this 2-weekend immersion program designed for yoga teachers, mental health professionals, and serious students. Gain insight into the ways of quiet surrender and learn how seeing things as they are acts as a gateway to the peace you and your students/clients long to experience.

Yin Yoga invites you to meet yourself fully, in a direct way, infused with kindness and experienced through the body. This practice, which takes place primarily through long held floor postures, transforms your physical practice and develops concentration, mindful awareness, and ease. When coupled with a blend of ancient wisdom teachings (tantric philosophy and buddha dharma) and western psychology, it also revolutionizes personal growth.

Immersion Objectives

This Yin Yoga immersion sheds light on the quieter side of yoga that is very often eclipsed by the frenetic pace of life and the more yang versions of yoga currently in demand. In both sessions learn how to slow way down through Yin Yoga and meditation practice, be immersed in the body, and have time to feel into the core channels of your being. Explore your subtle nature emerging as you gain a deeper understanding of your mind, your inner emotional world, and the blockages and barriers that keep you from living a more authentic life.

Combining Yin Yoga practice, meditation instruction and practice, presentation/lecture, demonstrations, dyad work, and group dialogue/discussion provides a broad container and give space to dive deep.



gain insight into the ways of quiet surrender


Part I: Foundations

The primary focus of this session is to lay the groundwork. Learn the methods which include breath work, anatomy, physical and energetic alignments, basic meridian and five element theory, and mind training. Explore the inner voice as the practitioner and discover the keys to designing classes and holding space as a teacher/clinician.


Thu–Mon, October 19–23, 2017

Part II: Integration

The intention of this session is to wade into the river of ancient wisdom teachings (Tantric philosophy, Buddha dharma, Daoist teachings and more) and to find connection. In addition, explore how yin yoga can be used as a modality for healing psychological and psycho-spiritual wounds through yin poses, meditation, and interpersonal mindful communication. Dive deeper and examine the rich relationship and impact these teachings and tools can have in Yin Yoga. Revisiting the materials covered in Foundations and offering depth to your understanding of poses/sequences, meridian theory and organ health—along with a spiritual perspective—reveal the true connection and benefit of the physical, energetic and spiritual resonance. Develop your own practice and further enhance your personal growth and that of your students/clients.


Thu–Mon, Apr 5–9, 2018

Tuition + Requirements

  • $1090 (To register for individual weekends OR if you have already completed a Foundations course, please contact our Front Desk at 401-782-2126 or info@allthatmatters.com)


Tuition Includes:  
  • 2 Weekend Immersions with Jenn
  • 70 CE's available from Yoga Alliance and National Board of Mental Health Counselors.
  • Payment plans are available, contact Morgan@allthatmatters.com for details.

  • Instructors' Manual for each weekend, $30 each. Payment made directly to instructors on the first day of immersion
  • Please bring your yoga mat, blocks, blanket, bolster or cushion. All of these items are also available for purchase at The Store at All That Matters. Please contact Jenn at jennfocus@gmail.com with any questions.

Jenn Thomas
meet jenn thomas

Jenn Thomas has been practicing and studying yoga for over 20 years. She received her 200-hour certification with Tom Gillette, became a leader for Off the Mat/Into the World with Seane Corn, and is currently engaged in a 500-hour training with Sarah Powers' Insight Yoga Institute, a graduate-level training with renowned western masters. Jenn is also a longtime artist and teacher (painting and glass), a two-time small business owner, and a life coach. She is developing and deepening practices that integrate yoga, Buddhism, and spiritual psychology.

In yoga class, Jenn encourages a strong awareness of the flow of breath and movement, as well as deep attention to the body and its individual alignments. Practice ignites prana, balances yin and yang energies, and brings forth the stillness and joy within. Jenn's way of weaving language and poetry into the fabric of each class draws us into the heart of who we truly are and the beauty of being alive - on and off the mat.