All That Matters’ Flow classes follow a Vinyasa format, synchronizing breath with movement. While each teacher brings a unique style to the mat, there is heightened focus on linking conscious breath with mindful fluid movement to awaken physical and mental strength, energy and flexibility. Flow classes introduce a more vigorous style with gentle to fast-paced sequencing for experienced students and those looking to build endurance. Each practice includes time to warm up and cool down, allowing for a beautiful blend of strength and surrender.

Vinyasa Flow I (previously Basic Vinyasa)
This introductory Vinyasa Flow class moves at a gentle pace to establish strength, flexibility, and balance within a continuous sequence of postures. Vinyasa Flow I is designed for intermediate students looking to hone in on proper alignment while moving through a classic Vinyasa sequence. 

Vinyasa Flow I/II (previously Vinyasa, Prana Vinyasa Flow, Vinyasa Flow)
Vinyasa Flow I/II is a moderately paced Vinyasa practice that connects movement to breath in a dynamic sequence. Flow classes introduce inversions, backbends and arm balances for students looking to expand their physical practice. 

Immersion Flow
In Immersion Flow students are challenged to venture through sequences with precision and mindfulness, to stretch and strengthen muscles while energizing the body. Students will cultivate core stability, explore their personal edge, and practice inversions and balance postures with self-awareness and intention. 

Core Flow
With a strengthening Vinyasa sequence, Core Flow puts specific attention the power center of the body encouraging awareness about how core strength impacts every pose. Emphasis on core work invites a deeper expression of movement, better balance, and creates more fluid transitions and grace in the body. 

Candlelight Flow (previously Late Night Candlelight)
This candlelit class is a meditative transition into the evening. Students flow through sequences to work the body, release muscle tension, create space and opening, and unwind from the day.

Yoga Sculpt
This upbeat class uses music to create an energizing atmosphere. A fast-paced flow-style workout combining traditional yoga poses with light weights, strength training moves and cardio intervals. The benefits of a traditional yoga practice are amplified to include higher calorie burn and muscle toning. 


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