Our Focused classes provide an opportunity to explore styles of movement beyond the more commonly practiced forms of Vinyasa and Hatha yoga. Classes include Kundalini, Restorative for the Spine (Svaroopa), Yin Yoga, Qigong, Tai Chi, and many others.

Qigong (literally energy practice) is a system of healing developed in ancient China. The practice of gentle movements and meditations cleanses, fortifies, and circulates qi (life energy) throughout the physical and energetic body. Qigong can help reduce stress, enhance strength and vitality, foster mental tranquility, and offer harmony with nature.
Tai Chi
Tai Chi is an ancient Chinese internal martial art form practice in which specific sequences of mindful movements and breathing stimulate a state of concentrated calm. The aim of  Tai Chi is to cultivate the qi or life energy to flow smoothly and powerfully throughout the body.
Restorative Yoga uses blankets, bolsters and pillows to fully support the body in foundational yoga postures, without muscular exertion. Deep but passive, Restorative Yoga can enhance a vigorous practice, and is also well suited for beginners as well as those with injuries. This grounding practice soothes the nervous system and helps boost the immune system.

Children’s Yoga
Yoga comes naturally to kids! In an energetic, playful and safe environment, children are guided through age-appropriate yoga postures and meditation practices that strengthen and cultivate awareness about their bodies and minds. Among the many benefits of Children’s Yoga are improved focus, flexibility, balance, coordination and self-calming strategies. Please note: This class is followed by an optional 15-minute mindfulness activity appropriate for the age level. For parents, Childrens’ Yoga runs concurrent with 4:00 Heated Vinyasa Flow I and 4:15 Yoga I/II at our SK center.

Kundalini yoga combines poses (asana) with specific breathing techniques (pranayama), repetitive movements (kriyas) and chanting (mantra). The aim is to create a specific energetic state in which the practitioner experiences an enhanced level of awareness. In each session students stretch, laugh and relax, resulting in increased strength and muscle tone, balance of both the nervous system and glandular systems, increased power of projection, an open heart, and a deep sense of connection and trust. All levels welcome.

Healthy Hips
Because the hips function as the center of gravity in the body, an imbalance in the hips is often felt throughout the entire body.  Creating a balanced state of both mobility and stability in the hip joint and the surrounding muscles enhances healthy living, steadiness and optimum performance. This class is devoted to releasing tension in the hips by working deeply to stretch and strengthen the myriad muscle groups in and around the pelvis. Prior yoga experience is strongly recommended for this class.

Healthy Shoulders
Most of us carry tension and stress in our upper bodies: shoulders, chest and upper spine. This class is designed to bring awareness and encourage optimal functioning to this area of the body as we stretch and strengthen the myriad of muscle groups to cultivate more ease and fluid mobility. Learn about the anatomy and movement patterns of the upper body and deepen your practice. Prior yoga experience is strongly recommended for this class.
Restorative for the Spine
A Svaroopa-style class, Restorative for the Spine is based on core release and spinal decompression using precise alignments to open the body from the tailbone to the top of the spine. With the support of blankets, students are encouraged to relax into poses that release deep tension in and along the spine. Often this release quiets the mind, reduces pain, helps accelerate injury recovery and promotes better overall health. Restorative for the Spine is led by a certified Svaroopa yoga instructor. Please note, this class is not suitable for women pregnant in their first trimester or students with organ transplant on immunosuppressant medications.
Bone Health: Yoga with Weights 
Help build bone density, increase overall strength, and improve balance, coordination and flexibility. Practitioners use light weights and sandbags during this bone-beneficial yoga practice. It is never too early to ensure healthy bones for your future!
Yin Yoga
Yin Yoga poses are performed seated or lying down using props and slow transitional movements that massage and lubricate the body’s sheath of connective tissue as well as the mind’s power of observation. Sustaining each pose for a period of time pairs intentional stillness with steady compression to signal a “rest and restore” mode for the central nervous system thus promoting digestion, muscle repair and organ detoxification.
Chair Yoga
Chair Yoga releases deep tension by exploring foundational postures in a new way. Using the chair to fully support the body assists in creating more space and length in postures and a deeper send of relaxation. Chair Yoga is appropriate for all levels. It can enhance any practice, is well suited for beginners and is a great option for those with injuries or limited range of motion, including difficulty getting up or down unassisted.
Yoga Pilates
Our Yoga Pilates class combines the basics of Pilates with yoga postures focused on the torso, abdomen, and spine to help practitioners build core strength.

Yoga Barre I
Build grace in the body through the influence of dance in this yoga class at the barre. The practice focuses on alignment, stability, balance and strength. Barre work facilitates a strong understanding of how the body works on and off the yoga mat. No prior dance experience required to enjoy Yoga Barre I, which is appropriate for all levels.

Yoga 50+
In this class yogis explore key yoga postures and breathing techniques while learning how to enhance and modify the practice to fit each individual body. Class emphasizes just plain feeling good, and special needs may be addressed.

$5 Community Yoga
Offered by visiting yoga teachers, Community Yoga classes vary in style and are followed by an optional 15-minute guided mediation. All proceeds go to the All That Matters Scholarship Fund.

$5 Community Yoga in EG  
Join Karen Seitler for a weekly one-hour community yoga class appropriate for all levels. Proceeds support local philanthropies including the All That Matters scholarship fund.

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