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Dr. Robert Van Horn

Robert Van Horn, Wan Hong (萬 鴻), has studied meditation in the lineages of Adyashanti and Thich Nhat Hanh for over fifteen years. He teaches meditation and self inquiry. He has learned Tai Chi and Qigong from Master Wen Ching Wu and Master Kenneth Cohen, and recently became the eighth person in the world to complete Master Cohen’s rigorous Qigong Teacher Training Program. He is a Svaroopa® yoga teacher, Reiki Master (trained by William Rand), certified Energy Medicine practitioner, and author. He practices Qigong, Tai Chi, Svaroopa®, and Meditation every day.

Dr. Robert Van Horn instructs the following:
  • Silent Meditation

  • Practicing in a group is the best way to deepen your meditation practice. Come join us for sitting and walking meditation, and experience the benefit of practicing with a community in silence.
    Some meditation experience is recommended; no instruction on meditation will be given.
    Sat, Nov 17, 8am–11am
    $10 Donation to be given to the All That Matters Scholarship Fund

    This workshop is at our South Kingstown location.

  • Restorative for the Spine

  • This is one of our Focused classes.


    A Svaroopa-style class, Restorative for the Spine is based on core release and spinal decompression using precise alignments to open the body from the tailbone to the top of the spine. With the support of blankets, students are encouraged to relax into poses that release deep tension in and along the spine. Often this release quiets the mind, reduces pain, helps accelerate injury recovery and promotes better overall health. Restorative for the Spine is led by a certified Svaroopa yoga instructor.


    Please note, this class is not suitable for women pregnant in their first trimester or students with organ transplant on immunosuppressant medications.

  • Meditation and Self Inquiry
  • This is a free community offering. 
    Connect with what matters the most – your inner wisdom. Through guided and silent meditations as well as spiritual talks experience an opportunity to be still, go within, and explore your true nature. Meditating in a group lends power to its effectiveness and enhances the development of individual practice.

    Join us to create a meditation community that meets regularly. All welcome! 

  • Qigong
  • This is one of our Focused classes
    Qigong (literally energy practice) is a system of healing developed in ancient China. The practice of gentle movements and meditations cleanses, fortifies, and circulates qi (life energy) throughout the physical and energetic body. Qigong can help reduce stress, enhance strength and vitality, foster mental tranquility, and offer harmony with nature.