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Debbie Bourque

Debbie Bourque's interest in the natural approach to health and healing began early in her career when she was introduced to Shiatsu Bodywork while attending classes at the Kushi Institute, formerly in Brookline, Ma. And it was there that she found her passion and direction in life. She holds a degree in Shiatsu from the Boston Shiatsu School in 1990, completed certification in Thai-Shiatsu Bodywork in 2003 from the Green Mountain Institute of Integrative Therapy and received a Thai-Shiatsu Instructors certification in 2008. At the same time, completed her Yoga Teacher training in Bridgewater, MA at the Maha Yoga Center. She brings to her students a joy of the healing arts, weaving body/mind awareness and her lifelong love of Yoga!

Debbie Bourque is currently not instructing any classes.