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Hi Everyone,I wanted to let you all know that this Saturday there was a fire in the Lily room (behind the store). Thanks to Joe Swinski, Jess Metcalf, Beth Champagne and I-- a major disaster was averted.5 fire trucks appeared and the whole building was checked out and all is well now. The firemen think it was a frayed wire that sparked and caught the curtain on fire.Joe ran in and moved the curtain and I followed and was able to stomp the fire out. We are very lucky this happened while we were in the building.There were 40 or more folks in the class in health services and they all graciously waited for things to cool down and returned!I was amazed by how all of our clients and students were so gracious and just waited outside and came back or made adjustments with very little stress.It really speaks highly that we have so much support and that we were all healthy enough to stay calm in the storm.Classes will proceed as normal. I am waiting to hear from the insurance company before repairs begin.