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Release Fear and Receive More Energy

Fear can take up unwanted time and space in our day or lives. If we learn to fear less and live more in the present, we will have more energy to take hold of challenges and defeat them!

“Our doubts are traitors and make us lose the good we often might win, by fearing to attempt” -Jane Adams

Fear not being able to ever conquer a certain yoga asana? Or fear that your muscles just won’t stretch to your satisfaction? Try some yoga aides to help take over that fear. We have a great selection of yoga straps and blocks that will surely help you achieve goals.

Fear the side effects of the suns powerful rays? Don’t hide under that umbrella, instead apply some Badger Sun Block! 100% natural, water resistant and chemical free, this sunscreen will fight off wanting to stay in doors.

Check out Russil Paul’s cd album bhava Ecstatic Heart. This cd
complies various guitars and percussion to bring you a sense of inner freedom and profound love. Guarunteed to sooth away any fears or stress while listening to it.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the Ronnie Nocito dedicated blood drive on June 11th at the South Kingstown Elks. Your support helped the Rhode Island Blood Center to ensure a safe blood supply to our hospitals. A total of 16 donors were able to give. Since one pint can save up to three lives, your blood drive potentially benefited up to 48 people in Rhode Island and beyond!

All blood donations will make a difference in someone’s life. A significant amount of the blood collected at our blood drives will go towards treating children with leukemia, automobile accident victims and patients needing organ transplants. It is because of generous folks like yourself, who host blood drives, that we are able to give hope to patients and their families.

Store Special!

For the month of June, come in and receive 20% off All WELEDA Skin Care Products.
"At Weleda, beauty isn’t something that’s made in a lab; it’s something that’s cultivated right from the earth. Carefully. Lovingly. And certainly without pesticides or chemicals. Those things aren’t beautiful to us."

Meet Nancy Penn, our featured student of the month!
Nancy is a wonderful and kind yogini that represents All That Matters well.

When did you start yoga and what attracted you to the practice:
I started Jan 2007, I had a revelation and decided I needed to
become more physically active. Yoga seemed to be an easy
transition for me, and the spiritual aspect really helped!

What is your favorite style of yoga: Svaroopa and gentle yoga
What other activities do you enjoy: I love to paint and write.
What is the last great book you read/recommend: The Shack by William young
Favorite sound: Night sounds in the summer...
Least favorite sound: TV commercials
Favorite meal: spaghetti! (does Ice cream count as a meal?) :)

What keeps you doing yoga: I can really tell that it is making a difference, I can feel it both physically and mentally.
What do you like about doing yoga at All That Matters: friendly staff, great evolving classes

Advice to beginners: Be open to what is unfolding!

Community Yoga brings in over 150lbs of food!

Thank you to all who participate in our monthly free yoga class
(with food donation)
With your help, the Jonnycake Center of Peace Dale has been able to collect over 150lbs of food. The Jonnycake Center helps to serve 8-10households a week with food, clothing and household items.
So thanks again for helping to make a difference in the lives of others :)

Enlighten Your Senses
Enlighten Your Soul

Now that the sun is shining more brightly and illuminating all the good of the season, it makes it easier to appreciate all the beauty that surrounds us. Let that beauty enlighten your senses and use its power to enlighten your soul.

Knowing others is wisdom, knowing yourself is enlightenment”- Lao Tzu

Keep the beauty of flowers with you inside with Pacifica Soy Candles. Try the Lotus Garden scent, each inhale of this carefully layered perfume takes you deeper into bliss. Exclusive soy wax formula with pure cotton wicks.

Need a little help reaching enlightenment?
Try one of our Zafu Meditation Cushions, to keep you relaxed and comfortable.Filled with buckwheat, these cushions are very
durable and double stitched for extra strength.
Your mind and body will thank you!

Check out Snatam Kaur’s cd album GRACE, her heavenly voice dances with gentle flute, Indian violin, acoustic guitar and more, to enlighten
both heart and soul.