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We hope you all had a wonderful holiday AND a wonderful time during the blizzard!

We are back open and there is an
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10% off Everything in the Store
20% off All Clothing and Jewelry
50% off All Holiday Items, as well as some select products throughout the store!

So break out your snowshoes and head on in, this sale ends Friday Dec 31rst.



Have you heard of Envirosax yet?


They are a savior to those who love and support reusable bags.


Not only do they fold up real small to fit in most any purse/pocket, but they hold up to 44lbs and will not fade with washing.




And yet the clever and genius people at envirosax have another great use for their bags: with the bags beautiful designs, you can use them to wrap gifts in! This helps save the paper/ribbon/tape and some annoying cuts you could receive from regular wrapping.




Check out this video for more information

Please turn up the volume on your computer...

Greetings Friends and fellow Yogis!

In case you have missed it, please take a look at our new Holiday Card this year~

We hope everyone is finding time to really enjoy even the simple things this year and may all your days be merry and bright! (no matter the weather ;) )


An excerpt from

Rumi: The Big Red Book


Every tree, every growing thing as it grows,
says this truth, You harvest what you sow.
With life as short as a half-taken breath,
do not plant anything but love.

The value of a human being can be measured
by what he or she most deeply wants.

Be free of possessing things.
Sit at an empty table.
Be pleased with water, the taste of being home.

People travel the world looking for the friend,
but that one is always at home.

A rose opens because she is the fragrance she loves.....

Tap into your poetic side and come take a look at some of the beautiful poetry books we carry here in our store. Come on in, stay warm and feel peace.

ATM staff