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Looking for something a little different to experience this Valentines Day? Come try out Couples Bodywork - Thai for Two here at All That Matters Feb 12 and treat your partner (and yourself) to a wonderfully relaxing and therepeutic Thai Massage come Valentines Day.


Join Ken Nelson and Lesli Lang in learning more about Thai Yoga Massage.

Enjoy a deeper sense of intimacy together and appreciation for each other. Couples Bodywork derives its power from yoga, Thai massage, shiatsu, and meditation. It's a great reminder to make spiritual time a priority in your relationship and a gift that the two of you can share throughout your lives.
With humor, compassion, and attentive assistance, Lesli Lang and Ken Nelson create a welcoming atmosphere that makes this workshop relaxing, fun, and enjoyable.


You will experience
•friendship and passion in touching and being touched
•techniques to relax or energize your partner
•ways to give without tiring
•how it feels to let go of the need to be perfect.
While this bodywork is done fully clothed, these profoundly simple massage techniques can be more intimate than traditional massage. Through Couples Bodywork, many couples feel both playful and closer. Others find reverence, grace, and a beauty of spirit in their awareness and tenderness for one another. And everyone agrees that taking time away from everyday concerns through the comfort of a partner's hands is the best date you can have.




The new Weleda Natural Facial Care line is here!
Almond - for sensitive skin to restore balance
Iris - to regulate and preserve moisture
Wild Rose - for smoothing fine lines
Pomegranate- for mature skin to help regenerate
A little more about the company:

We are Weleda—cultivators of beauty and 100% certified natural baby and skin care products—for you. We believe beauty isn’t something that’s made in a lab; it’s something that’s cultivated right from the earth. Carefully. Lovingly. And certainly without pesticides or chemicals. Those things are beautiful to us. Look through our ingredients and you will find flowers and herbs. Fruit extracts. Clays. Roots. Minerals. These come together in meaningful products that work with your body’s own natural vitality.
Mission:Our MissionWe stimulate and inspire your body, soul and spirit. In doing so, we encourage you to draw from your own vitality and discover inner balance. This enables your individual health and authentic beauty to unfold.
Products:100% certified natural products made with Biodynamic® and organic ingredients for your health, wellbeing & beauty.

Don't let this dry, cold winter do anymore damage to your skin!
Come on in, try a sample, and receive 10% off this new line!



beeswax2 Have you heard of Big Dipper Beeswax Candles? We currently just stocked up on them because of their beautiful aromatic scent and wonderful beneficial properties. Read on to find out why burning Beeswax is the way go...

beeswax1Beeswax is naturally aromatic, infused with the sweet, subtle scent of honey. Nontoxic and nonallergenic, beeswax candles burn clean and soot free. While burning, they release negative ions, just as seashores or rainstorms do. These negative ions improve air quality by eliminating pollutants and allergens from the air that we breathe.

Beeswax candles are naturally dripless and smokeless, and they tend to have a longer burn time than candles made from other waxes.
Beeswax is 100% natural and a renewable resource that actually cleans the air by emitting purifying negative ions.

Our beeswax is filtered via natural clay process that cleans the wax of impurities, yet allows the wax to retain its inherent color and aroma. Our candles are produced by hand in small batches.


Meet Tim Motte our featured student spotlight!
Tim is a friendly and dedicated yogi that represents All That Matters well

When did you start yoga and what attracted you to the
practice: It took me five years to come to All That Matters, friends kept after me to go, until finally one of my sea kayaking coaches ( a powerful paddler) recommended that I start. I immediately loved it. It has now been about two years!
What is your favorite style of yoga: I love Vinyasa, the challenge of the breathing through the flow. When the two come together, the power is amazing.
Tim MotteWhat other activities do you enjoy: I enjoy Sea Kayaking in many different bodies of water, and walking my dog Lanky!
Favorite sound: The wind of a Noreaster blowing against my house at night...
Least favorite sound: The wail of a crying baby...
Favorite meal: Any kind of hot and spicy chicken curry!
Great Movie or book to recommend?: Full Catastrophe Living by Jon Kabat0Zinn and books by Thich Nhat Hanh.
What keeps you doing yoga: The strength, flexibility and conditioning benefits, but yoga also really allows me to present in the moment, much like the time I spend Sea Kayaking.
Advice to beginners: Take your time to experience a variety of classes and instructors. Once you find a combo that works, try to stay with your commitment to it!
What do you like most about All That Matters: One of the most outstanding assets is the amazing yoga instructors. I have received an incredible depth of instruction that some how continues to match my evolving needs, both on a daily basis as well as for the long haul. Thank you ATM!


New Classes arrive at All That Matters!
The New Year brings new classes, and you can discover a new You!
We hope to see you here

Looking to mix up you daily routine? Join us on Wednesdays at NOON for and Open Yoga Class with one of your favorite store goddess' Karla Jean Bartley. Half-way through the week, half-way through the day, HALF-OFF! This class is only $7.50.
Join Karla for this Open Yoga class as a peaceful respite in the midst of an otherwise busy day.


Karla Bartley
is a 230-hr Certified Yoga Instructor though the Asheville Yoga Center of North Carolina. She has been studying and practicing yoga for over 5 years; has worked in the yoga industry and has attended numerous classes with various styles of teaching and techniques. She incorporates her diverse knowledge and understanding of yoga into her practice with an eclectic and friendly approach.

Are you a guy who feels like you could use a little more flexability in your life, or know someone who might? Join us for Yoga for Stiff Guys. Sunday evenings, 5:30-7pm with Noah Davis
Om free zone for men wanting to update their lifestyle! In this playful class we invite stiff guys to come and stretch out. Wear your board shorts or sweat pants or any loose comfy clothes and get ready to face the stiffness and turn it into freedom. Get back to balance and enjoy pain-free living. You will be in the company of other stiff guys so don't worry about having to keep up with the yogis!

noahNoah Davis is a recent graduate of Coral Brown's Prana Flow Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training and is certified at the 200hr level. He is a retired Behavioral Scientist, Computer Scientist and Game Developer entrepreneur. More importantly Noah began as a very stiff guy and is now excited to share the fun and transformative nature of yoga with fellow 'Stiff Guys'.

Drop on in or sign up in advanced for these two new wonderful classes!