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New Class atAll That Matters!

Breaking News:

Philip Urso is offering his latest class creation
~ An Hour of Power~

The best, most complete workout you can get in an hour- and it's YOGA!
These classes are the kind where you wonder where the time went and at the end
you're left in a transformational state. All levels welcome!

Don't miss this heated class - offered from March 2-24Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 4-5pm. Sign up for one or buy a class pass and tap into the Hour of Power for the whole month.


providencelogo ALL THAT MATTERS has been nominated for Best Yoga Studio in RI by the Providence Phoenix Newspaper! So please take the time to show your support and lend us your vote! Then pass along the good news:) Help us win Best Studio and we'll continue to BE the best studio and continue to provide you with great classes, health services, workshop, shopping experience, atmosphere and more! Thank you!

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Sacred Symbols

Have you ever wondered about some of the statuary you see around our studio? Can't figure our which Hindu God/Goddess that is? Curious to know the symboloic meaning and representation of each? Well with our current influx of statuary to the store, we wanted to share a quick guide to the Hindu Dieties and some other sacred symbols.

Buddha: Embodiment of peace, enlightenment, inner stilless and compassion

Ganesha: God of strength and fortitude. The remover of obstables and bestower of success.
Nataraja: Lord Shiva in the dancing form, who performs his divine dance to destroy a weary universe and make preparations the process of creation

kwan yinKwan Yin (Quan Yin/GuanYin): Goddess of compassion and observer of the sounds and cries of the world.
Lakshmi: Goddess of prosperity. Reminds us of our own ability to create abundance in all areas of our lives.


Mudras: Yoga of the Hands, mudras represent feelings such as forgiveness, acceptance and freedom from fear.
omOM or AUM: The sacred sound of the universe. Vibrates throughout all existence bringing inner peace and harmony.


Lotus Flower: Embodies infinite potential. Symbolizes renewal, transformation and new beginnings.


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