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As the weather heats up, stay cool with this


pranayamic technique to decrease body temperature!

Sitali which means cool, is a method of yogic breathing that reduces the fire energy principle we call pitta which is associated with catabolic processes in the body. Yogis likely have our animal friends to thank for this one - try it below and you be the judge.

1. Purse your lips into a tiny "o" shape, like a reaching kiss. Keep your tongue inside floating , so it doesn't touch teeth or gums.
2. Slowly inhale through your mouth, feel the cooled air. If your mouth becomes dry, be patient and slow it down more.
3. To exhale, use the tip of your tongue softly against the top inside roof of your mouth. Exhale even more slowly as you inhaled. The air will exit your nose, so feel the heat exiting too.


1. Curl up the sides of your tongue and stick the tip outside your lips. Use your teeth gently to keep tongue in place, lips kept as relaxed as possible.
2. Inhale slowly as in step 2 above then exhale through your nose as in step 3.
3. In a more advanced method, breath is retained and chin locked against collarbone (jalandhara bandha).
To experience these instant cooling, calming effects, start with 3-4 minutes of relaxed practice. Never strain, never struggle. Rest about half way through and enjoy a few quiet moments afterward. To enhance your concentration think the word "cool" with each in-breath and the words "I am" with each out-breath. Now...SMILE.


One yoga student reports that she combines Sitali with drinking plenty of room temperature water when she does outdoor work in the Houston summertime. "I used to get very overheated and suffer from complete exhaustion while doing heavy yard work. I'd be wiped out for the rest of my day." Her futile attempts to combat these effects by alternating heavy physical activity with lots of iced tea only increased these effects. After deciding to adopt a more yogic approach… "I take Sitali breaks in the shade and drink water without ice. I find myself cool, more energized and ready to go again."

Just watched this and I think it explains why All That Matters is support folks who are ready to live well. Click Here. Joan


Looking for a little advice, pick me-up or just another reason to feel inspired?

Besides the wonderful words of our yoga teachers, we've got some great new "daily" books in the store, from positive affirmations to ways to the save the Earth. We would love to share some excerpts for you now~

From: 365 Ways to Save the Earth earth

Use heat for weeding. You can sidpense with chemical herbidie, for example, by using heat: Pour boiling water on the weeds. The weeds darken almost immediately and turn brown withing a few hours, much like the effect of a contact herbicide, but there is no toxic residue and the area is immediately safe for children.

From: Wisdom - 365 Throughts from Indian Masters
You have to stand against the whole world although you may hav eto stand alone. You havewisdom to stare the world in the face although the world may look at your with a bloodshoot eye. Do not fear. Trust that little thing in you which resides in the heart and says: forsake friends, wife, all, but testify to that for which you have lived and for which you have to die.-Mahatma Gandhi



From: 365 Tao-Daily Meditations
Be still to know the absolute.

Be active to know the outer.

The two spring from the same source,

all of life is one whole.


Meet Bob Votava our featured student of the month!
Bob is a friendly and active yogi that represents All That Matters well!

When did you start yoga and what attracted you to the practice: I was first introduced to Transcendental Meditation I would read related books but it wasn’t until years later when I realized what an asset All That Matters is to Wakefield.
What is your favorite style of yoga: I have only gone to the 50+ classes, and even though my family has ventured off to other classes, I’m afraid to leave my senior cocoon.
bob votavaWhat other activities do you enjoy: Working with community organizations, traveling and exploring back roads both here and abroad, many times doing this on my bike.
Favorite sound: The voice of the one you love. Also, classical, opera or music by Pink Floyd:)
Least favorite sound: Morning Alarm clock...
Favorite meal: NY C Hot Dog! (w/ mustard and sauerkraut)

What keeps you doing yoga: For me, it has become a time to encounter Peace….it has
become somewhat of a religious experience
Advice to beginners: Depending on age, yoga can offer different answers for different needs. For youth, it can offer a component to a more sustainable, less materialistic existence. For seniors, it’s more of a concern with staying healthy, but this will hopefully lead to a more rewarding philosophical experience.
What do you like most about All That Matters: I appreciate that Joan Dwyer has created such an all-encompassing facility in Wakefield, so close to home. She has helped make our town very special within RI.
Any other words of wisdom?: Don’t be afraid to step outside your definition of security. Allow yourself the joy of experiencing different ideas, cultures, food...and of course, people!


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