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Getting ready for Fall Fashion!

Even though it might be a whopping 84degrees outside today, and even though we believe that beauty radiates from the inside out, we can still take some time to prepare for the weather to come as well and have fun doing it!
contemWhat better way to welcome fall than with a new scarf or shawl! For big, for small, they compliment all!
ok ok enough with the rhymes, but scarves sure do excite us here at All That Matters. We currently have put up a wall of them in our store, ranging from different colors, fabrics, prints and sizes. One of our new favorite companies - Contemporary Craft (pictured above)- specializes in block printing techniques right from the village of Bagh in India.

And don't forget about our large supply of prAna clothing! The new fall colors are beautiful, ranging from deep cranberry to olive greens. Sure to keep you comfy and cozy during the months to come.

pranaaAnd maybe your home needs a bit of color as well. Consider bringing the warmth of these scents to your home with Anjolie Ayurveda soaps. Beautifully wrapped and designed, these soaps are all natural - filled with organic Himalayan Herbs and Oils. Great for gifts, accents to your bathroom and even better for your skin!



Winds of Change/ Breathing Exercise

Can you feel it in the air? The chillness... the winds of change have arrived. And yes they may just be the winds of autumn, but what will you make of it? Will you bundle up and retreat? Or will you adventure and fly a kite? Maybe a little of both. You will find that either option will be right for YOU. Listen to your body, balance your mind, and seek within to find your answer.
"When you don't go within, you go without.."- Yogi Bhajan.
And speaking of winds, according to the Chinese Five Element Theory, autumn is linked to the lungs. We take in something new with each inhale and eliminate what is not serving us as we exhale. Consider taking time within your day to really BREATHE. Dirgha (also known as three part breath) can compliment these transitioning days nicely. Start by focusing the breath in your abdominal region and stomach. Feel it inflate and deflate with every breath. Next the breath will move up into your lungs, where they will expand and contract with every breath. Finally the breath reaches up under the collar bone and into the throat for a sense of opening. Now combine all three elements with just the inhale. The inhale will start in the belly, then rise into the lungs and finally peak under the collar bone. Your exhale will bring a sense of release and detoxification.
For more on breathing, try Chris Belanger's class: Introduction to Yogic Breathing on Oct 1, here at
All That Matters!

congrats and love!

Congratulations to one of our health service practitioners Tara on her recent nuptials! In honor of her and the love she will be sharing with her new husband, we would like to share with you a passage from a book we sell in our store called -Anatomy of the Spirit by Caroline Myss:

We are not born fluent in love, but spend our life learning about it. Its energy is pure power. We are attracted to love as we are intimidated by it. We are motivated by love, controlled by it, inspired by it, healed by it, and destroyed by it. Love is the fuel of our physical and spiritual bodies. Our own hearts are designed to express beauty, compassion, forgiveness and love - it is against our spiritual nature to act otherwise....

Back to School

It's that wonderful time of the year again when the big yellow buses come around, there is a slight chill in the air and the leaves begin to rustle and fall to the earth. September doesn't have to mean an end of all things summer, instead it could be a beginning - "The secret to a great life is to have more beginnings than endings" -David Weinbaum

 Even though most of us might not be physically attending a place of education, it doesn't mean we explore something new or even freshen up on what we love. Consider coming in for yoga, a health service or browsing our store. Try a new class, workshop or simply take some time to slow down.

Here are a few suggestions for helping you take that first leap!
Immerse yourself in a prana flow class with Coral Brown!
Try - Chakra Namaskar. A class that will combine balance, rhythm and allow you steep in specific movements that correlate to each chakra. Sept 18.
Try our 40 Days to Personal Revolution program!
This program has had great success and over 600 people can attest to the positive changes they've experience. Beginners welcome! Sept 21
Want to go further with your yoga practice?  the new yoga class with Jessie -
Deepening Your Practice - Mondays at 5:45 or Thursdays at 9am.
Need a new read? Check out the book REVIVE by Frank Lipman. This book will help to teach you how to stop feeling spent and start living again! It includes recipes, exercises and "Daily Beats" to nourish your body and mind. Available in our store!
We hope to see you around the studio! Namaste~