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Are You Loving Yourself Through Your Choices? Self-Love Advice from Cheryl Richardson


Self-Love Encouraging Questions To Ask Yourself Before Making a Decision

Healing Through Kundalini Yoga: Open Your Heart This Weekend at All That Matters

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Ming Lee Prospero was motivated to find a yoga class during a physically and emotionally challenging period in life and is continuously grateful to have found Kundalini yoga at All That Matters. 

Ming Lee completed her 200-hour training in 2012 here with Guruatma Khalsa, which opened a new chapter in her life.  Harkirit Kaur (Ming Lee’s spiritual name) has earned a certificate in Gurudass Kaur Khalsa’s Childplay Yoga, and has recently completed the Stress and Vitality course towards her 500-hour certification with the Kundalini Research Institute. 

In Ming Lee’s classes you will learn Kundalini yogic tools that you can practice anywhere, at any physical level, and explore the rich variety of breath work, asana, meditation and mantra in this lineage of yoga. 

She remembers her first class and how she left feeling lighter, brighter and recharged, and this is the experience she wishes to give her students. 

Ming Lee says, “What I love about Kundalini is that you can go to class and use your body, voice, and mind, and come out feeling like something has been lifted and that your spirits are elevated.” 

Ming Lee enjoys life in South County RI with her family and their dog, all outdoor enthusiasts.


Welcome heart opening in Ming Lee’s upcoming Kundalini workshop :


Healing Through Kundalini Yoga: Open Your Heart

Sunday, February 2nd

10:30am – 1:00pm

No Kundalini or yoga experience necessary.


Join Ming Lee for a Kundalini Yoga class:


9:30am - 11:00am

This Weekend at All That Matters, Make Time To Quiet Your Mind.



Quiet the Mind


Sound has an incredible way of shaping conscious thoughts, steering emotions, and evoking profound feelings.  If we don't utilize the tools to quiet our minds, the background noise of our daily lives can drive us in any number of directions.  If we're not mindful, we don't just notice the sound of a crying baby, a car stereo, the phone ringing, the car horn beeping, or our neighbor's barking dog.  We experience it, hold it, and allow it to transform us.

At All that Matters, we have a long list of tools to stop, unifying the mind, breath, and body.  This weekend, we invite you to join us in finding a quiet and peaceful place to practice.  On Friday, Stephanie Marisca will prevent our monthly gong bath, a deeply relaxing sound meditation.  Saturday will bring Dr. Alan Post and Andrea Aschenbrener for Meditation for Spiritual Awareness, an opportunity to quiet your mind in an atmosphere of peaceful silence.  On Sunday, Ming Lee Prospero will lead Healing Through Kundalini:  Open Your Heart, a yoga practice that integrates breathwork, chanting, and meditation.  


Friday, January 31

Monthly Gong Bath

with Stephanie Marisca


Friday, January 31

Reiki Second Degree

with Myra Partyka


Saturday, February 1

Meditation for Spiritual Awareness

with Dr. Alan Post & Andrea Aschenbrener


Sunday, February 2

Healing Through Kundalini:

Open Your Heart

with Ming Lee Prospero




What is Reiki? Free Intro Talk

with Myra Partyka

on Monday, February 3rd


Yin Yoga and The Energy Body

with Ken Nelson & Lesli Lang

on Saturday, February 

A Message of Hope for 2014 from Andrew Harvey



Andrew Harvey Institute for Sacred Activism

Why Does Inner Peace Matter?


Andrew Harvey is the Founder and Director of the Institute of Sacred Activism, an organization whose work seeks to "preserve and heal the planet and its inhabitants" by inspiring social activism.  The perils of our world, he insists, are a call to action for all of its people.  Below is Andrew Harvey's message for the new year, an invitation to commit yourself to finding inner peace.  As we always say at All That Matters, inner peace leads to world peace, and that's all that matters.  If we can be of any help to guide you along the way, please ask.


Dear Friends, 

I am sending love to you all from Istanbul, at the beginning of our New Year. The next few years are going to be crucial for humanity and will decide the course of our evolution. However difficult and chaotic the path ahead becomes, commit yourself to ever deepening spiritual practice, to a radical simplification of your life and to doing whatever you can with grace and joy for all sentient beings. Rumi wrote “Even if every being grew sad, a lover’s heart will still stay a rose garden.” 

To keep your rose garden fragrant is your highest responsibility, for that will be the highest possible contribution you can make, inspiring others with joy and the peace of your presence. Realize this at the deepest level you can and know that divine grace is pouring down on all of us continually to give us courage, sacred passion, wisdom, strength and humble power. We are not abandoned and we must not abandon ourselves. May Divine Love protect you and your families and guide all those in whose hands the future policies and practices of humanity lay.  

Love Always,

Andrew Harvey

Joan Dwyer Presents "A Visit to Syria"

Joan Dwyer's November 2013 Ignite presentation at the Contemporary Theater Company is entitled "A Visit to Syria." This presentation is an attempt by Joan, the co-owner of All That Matters Yoga and Holistic Health Center in Wakefield, RI, to put a new face on Syria, the home of her grandparents. Why? Because Joan believes that " people caring about people can change the world and awareness is an important element toward peace." Admittedly, the face of Syria most often photographed and shared with the public is the face of terrorism, war, and fear. How does Joan's differ? She will open your eyes to Syria's diversity, beautiful art and archaeology, rich history, amazing food, and its biggest and must unique asset--its warm and loving people and their commitment to family. The picture of Syria that Joan paints is beautiful; of a country with deeply-rooted history. It is also the picture of people living in fear because merely speaking about politics or religion can cause them to be imprisoned. This civil unrest has caused more than 4 million people to be displaced 125,000 people to be killed. Joan hopes to ignite your curiosity to learn more about Syria and what you can do to promote human rights.

No Time For Yoga? Try the Monday Lunch Express with Emma Nahod!


Emma Nahod


Are You Free For Lunch on Monday?

We hear it all the time:  "I know that yoga would help me calm and de-stress...I wish I could come to a class, but I'm so busy, I never have the time."  We try to create a dynamic schedule with classes of all types at all times of the day and into the evening.  Some days, we have Rise-and-Shine classes that begin as early as 6:00 am.  Many nights, we host evening classes that begin as late as 7:30pm.  

On Monday, January 20th, we hope the short-on-time folks hanging around town during the lunchtime hour will join us for a new offering:  the Lunch Express!  This 45-minute All-Levels class begins at 12:00.  'If you work in or around Wakefield, that means you can find your center, grab a smoothie across the street at Smoothie Booty, and slip back into your desk chair as the clock strikes 1:00.  Turn Monday on its head with this new routine, and enjoy a fun and enlivening presence of All That Matters' Kripalu instructor, Emma Nahod.   

Emma was first drawn to the yoga mat in 2009, looking for a physical practice.  After parting ways with a lifelong study of dance, she was looking for a new and more compassionate way to move her body.  Yoga turned out to not just be a form of exercise, but an empowering way of life.  She felt such a profound transformation; she knew she had to share the gift of yoga with others.  Emma completed the 200-hour teacher training at the Kripalu Center in 2010 and has been teaching (and learning!) full time ever since. 

In the tradition of Kripalu yoga, self-compassion is the foundation for all of Emma’s classes.  Regarding this as yoga’s greatest gift to her, she leads classes that allow the student to lovingly meet themselves where they are.  With creative sequencing and a playful style, she guides an experience to reconnect body, breath, mind, and heart.  Emma is passionate about integrating the tools of yoga into everyday life.  She hopes to inspire and guide people in their own yoga, on and off the mat.

Join Emma for an All Levels Yoga class:Saturdays 4:30pm - 5:45pm or Mondays 12:00-12:45pm.

Learn to Write With Impact for Business, Fun, and Liesure


Learn to Write With Impact3 Writing Secrets: Purpose, Passion and Polish


Whether you’re writing to help market and grow your business or you write for fun and leisure, the more your writing impacts people, the more rewarding writing can be. But how do you write with impact?

Three of the most important steps to compelling writing are:

  • Purpose: Know why you’re writing. What goals do you want to achieve with your writing?
  • Passion: Get in touch with what entrances you, or evokes your curiosity or enhances your creativity.
  • Polish: Take time to read your writing aloud, edit, get feedback and refine your writing so that it truly affects your readers and is not just one more flash in the pan for them.



Write with Purpose

Purpose doesn’t mean just knowing why you’re writing. That’s important, for sure. But you also want to be clear who your audience is. What are they looking for in their own terms? If you’re writing a magazine article, column, blog post or book on eating healthy foods, why are your core readers going to read it? Because they’ve always wanted to read a book on healthy food or because they’re sick and want to get healthy or because they want to lose weight or to feel more energy?  When you know what pain they want to get out of, and what results and benefits they want to achieve, you can write with that purpose in mind.

Often, your core audience is in the most distress, so focus on them and other audiences will come along for the ride.


Write with Passion

Passion is all about getting in touch with the spark that interested you in writing about a subject in the first place. Sometimes people get overwhelmed when they look at a blank page. Take a break, close your eyes, and imagine what impact your book, article or blog post will have when it’s done. What results might your readers have? What might they say to you about how your writing affected them? When you take time to imagine the power of your words, you’ll be back in touch with your passion and the words can flow. [If you still feel a little stuck, try outlining, so you can bite off the writing in small chunks rather than take on the whole thing].


Polish Your Writing

Polish means taking the time to make your writing smooth, colorful and real for the reader. How do you accomplish that? That’s what I’ll be sharing at All That Matters on January 11, 2014. Join us and start the new year writing. Bring your PASSION. We’ll explore your PURPOSE. And you’ll learn to POLISH!

Do You Want To Feel Better? Embrace Three Essential Practices For a Healthier New Year

At All That Matters, we often hear founder Joan Dwyer say that health is much more than the absence of disease. Feeling good and embracing our vitality means that we must move our bodies, eat well, and learn to quiet our minds. These three essential practices are the cornerstone of the work at All That Matters Yoga and Holistic Health Center. Do you want to make some changes, but need some help getting started? If you have seven days to immerse yourself in a tried and true approach to good health, we have created a program just for you! This potent week is designed to set your sails on a more vibrant you. In the first class, our talented staff will welcome you with a sampling of discussion and experiences related to each of the practices. During the week, return to “the field” of your daily life equipped with inspiring assignments and free yoga passes so you can integrate what you’ve learned. In the follow-up class, get your questions answered, expand your understanding, and deepen your practice. This special “new program” price includes 3 yoga passes for use between classes, a 30-minute consultation with life coach Jane Bernstein, and discounts at All That Matters. 2 classes: Sun, 9am-12:30pm, Jan 12+19 $79 For More Information or To Register, Go To