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Learn to Write With Impact for Business, Fun, and Liesure


Learn to Write With Impact3 Writing Secrets: Purpose, Passion and Polish


Whether you’re writing to help market and grow your business or you write for fun and leisure, the more your writing impacts people, the more rewarding writing can be. But how do you write with impact?

Three of the most important steps to compelling writing are:

  • Purpose: Know why you’re writing. What goals do you want to achieve with your writing?
  • Passion: Get in touch with what entrances you, or evokes your curiosity or enhances your creativity.
  • Polish: Take time to read your writing aloud, edit, get feedback and refine your writing so that it truly affects your readers and is not just one more flash in the pan for them.



Write with Purpose

Purpose doesn’t mean just knowing why you’re writing. That’s important, for sure. But you also want to be clear who your audience is. What are they looking for in their own terms? If you’re writing a magazine article, column, blog post or book on eating healthy foods, why are your core readers going to read it? Because they’ve always wanted to read a book on healthy food or because they’re sick and want to get healthy or because they want to lose weight or to feel more energy?  When you know what pain they want to get out of, and what results and benefits they want to achieve, you can write with that purpose in mind.

Often, your core audience is in the most distress, so focus on them and other audiences will come along for the ride.


Write with Passion

Passion is all about getting in touch with the spark that interested you in writing about a subject in the first place. Sometimes people get overwhelmed when they look at a blank page. Take a break, close your eyes, and imagine what impact your book, article or blog post will have when it’s done. What results might your readers have? What might they say to you about how your writing affected them? When you take time to imagine the power of your words, you’ll be back in touch with your passion and the words can flow. [If you still feel a little stuck, try outlining, so you can bite off the writing in small chunks rather than take on the whole thing].


Polish Your Writing

Polish means taking the time to make your writing smooth, colorful and real for the reader. How do you accomplish that? That’s what I’ll be sharing at All That Matters on January 11, 2014. Join us and start the new year writing. Bring your PASSION. We’ll explore your PURPOSE. And you’ll learn to POLISH!


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