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April 2014 Yogis of the Month: Sisters Pam and Su Rubinoff



Yogis of the Month


Meet Pam and Su Robinoff,

Sisters by Chance, Friends and Yogis by Choice


I am pleased to introduce you to sisters Pam and Su Rubinoff, our April 2014 yogis of the Month.  This sweet duo has been practicing with us for some time, and their warmth and passion is an invaluable asset to our family at All That Matters.  Though they were born four years apart, Pam and Su are both Pisces and are very similar.  This plays out in many aspects of their lives, including their yoga practice at All That Matters.


What attracted you to yoga? Why did you start?

Independently we started yoga in our early twenties as we were attracted to the breathing, meditation and movement, bringing flexibility of mind and body.


What is your favorite type or style and why?

All of them!  It really depends on the time and day, and tuning in to what our bodies need.  We often will discuss which class to attend.  One of the joys of ATM is being able to experience all different kinds depending on energy and mood.  


What is your favorite yoga pose and why?

While we like many, these days Su likes the elegant gracefulness, openness of the heart, and the backbends of the sun salutation.  Pam likes the Tree pose and Warrior II for the focus and strength.  We both find ourselves doing tree pose in funky places like waiting in the line at the store.


What other activities do you enjoy?

Besides working in areas of passion, we both enjoy being outside in nature, in the garden, walking, exploring.  Love hanging out with family or having tea with a friend. And in our spare time, Su is in her bee hive and Pam is out kayaking.


An inspiring book or movie you recommend?

Su loves biographies and is inspired by learning about each person she gets to know.  Of recent times Pam has enjoyed poetry for her inspiration.


Favorite food?

While we are both vegetarians, with some favorites including stir fry, miso soup, and salads of all kinds, we enjoy going to Brickleys for dinner once in a while.


Favorite place to be and why?

The beach:  The energy.  The sounds.  The vastness.  The freedom.  The beauty. The peace.  Feeling centered. 


What keeps you doing yoga?

The need to feel “tuned up” – in mind, body and spirit.  When practicing regularly we feel balanced. Yoga helps us practice the “be here now” in many aspects of life.  The support of practicing next to my sister and the thrill of doing it with my daughters/nieces can not be underrated.


Any advice to beginners?

Don’t compare yourself with others.  Stay with it, be patient with yourself and listen to the wisdom of your body.  It really is amazing!


What do you like most about All That Matters ?

Being welcomed by the desk goddesses and supported by all the teachers.  With its sacred space, it feels like coming home each time we walk in. 


Any other words of wisdom?

"The future is not someplace we are going to, but one we are creating.

The paths are not to be found, but made.

The activity of making them changes both the maker and the destination.



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