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July Yogi of the Month: Pam Ferranti




Our July yogini started coming to All That Matters back in December and jumped right into the January 40 Days program. Pam hasn't look back since and has been enjoying all the wonderful benefits of her practice.






What attracted you to yoga? Why did you start?

One of my doctors told me to start practicing yoga to help with some circulatory problems.


What is your favorite type or style of yoga?  

All Levels classes are my favorites because you can tailor the depth of each pose to match how you are feeling during any given practice.


What keeps you doing yoga?

The mental and physical sense of well-being it provides for the rest of my day.


What is your favorite yoga pose and why?  

Pigeon pose because I can totally relax and still get an amazing hip stretch.


What other activities do you enjoy?

Walking, reading, cooking.


An inspiring book or movie you recommend:

“A Tree Grows in Brooklyn” by Betty Smith is one of my favorite books… a true American classic.


Favorite food:

A platter of colorful grilled veggies over rice.


Favorite place to be:

Anywhere with my husband and kids together, which is rare these days since one lives in California and one attends school in North Carolina.


What do you like best about All That Matters?

How kind and welcoming everyone has been since I first walked in the door!


Advice to beginners?

Avoid the temptation to compare yourself to anyone else, and really, really, really enjoy every moment on your mat.


Any other words of wisdom?

“Those who bring sunshine into the lives of others cannot keep it from themselves.” -J.M. Barrie