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A Study of Anatomy, Movement, and Asana with David Dwyer


A Study of Anatomy, Movement, and Asana
with Dr. David Dwyer
Fri, Jan 23

Our bodies are one of our greatest, and most mysterious, possessions. It is what propels us throughout our daily tasks, moves us from place to place, and allows us to lay still and silent. As we move more into our bodies with the practice of yoga, we learn that they are a source of endless exploration. Join Dr. David Dwyer in this 3rd workshop in this new series that studies the anatomy and physiology of movement. Dr. Dwyer’s deep knowledge of yoga and the body is a wellspring of information and inspiration. Join him on this continuous journey on how best to move, and honor, our bodies.

Explore your own body’s movement ranging from the stillness and stability of standing, to the movement and mobility of yoga. Learn how the motion of your joints and curving of your spine help to twist your body into a variety of positions. Feel how the expansion and contraction of your rib cage and diaphragm bring breath and life through your body, fueling it for the work to come. Examine the various structures in your body, and then test them out both on and off your yoga mat!

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