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January Student of the Month: Stephanie LePlante


January Student of the Month: Stephanie LePlante

What attracted you to yoga?  Why did you start?

I started yoga because I needed to focus on myself.  I was an overwhelmed working mother with young children and never took time for me.  I remember I took my first class on Mother’s Day and spent most of the class crying as Jessie E. read amazing passages about mothers.  I will never forget that day– It started me on this journey.

What is your favorite type or style of yoga?

My favorite yoga presently is heated yoga.  I love the heat and slow flow in Usha’s classes.  I feel so strong and can really focus on alignment.

What is your favorite yoga pose and why?

My favorite yoga pose is child’s pose.  It immediately quiets my mind and relaxes my body.  It’s so wonderfully restorative.

What keeps you doing yoga?

The mind, body, spirit connection and the amazing yoga teachers that help guide me through this journey.

What other activities do you enjoy?

I enjoy doing just about anything with my husband and two children.  I love going to the beach, swimming, walking, or just hanging in my yard on a lazy day.

An inspiring book or movie you recommend?

You Can Heal My Life by Louise L. Hay.  It taught me I am in control of my life and how I feel.  I can heal myself!

Favorite food?

I love kale!  I love it raw, cooked, and in smoothies.

Favorite place to be and why?

All That Matters.  When I am at ATM I place no judgment upon myself at all.  I completely accept myself.

What do you like most about All That Matters?

I love the amazing feeling I get just by walking in the door.  At ATM I feel surrounded by compassion, love, acceptance and kindness.

Advice to beginners?

Take classes that reinforce correct alignment!  It makes a world of difference.  Also, do not compare yourself to other yogis!

Any other words of wisdom?

Appreciate yourself, respect yourself, and love yourself!!!  Unconditional acceptance!!!



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