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Celebrate 20 Years at All That Matters!

Whether you are new to our community or have been with us since we opened our doors on March 30, 1995, we would be honored to have you join us as we celebrate 20 years of sharing health and wellness! The party is this weekend! Come for the blessing, stay for the dancing! Read More

Five Minutes with Joan Dwyer

Recently, PeaceLove Studios sat down with Founder and Director of All That Matters, Joan Dwyer. Read more about Joan and discover how she promotes peace of mind through her daily work and some of her dreams for the future. Read More

March Student of the Month: Susan Tourgee

Every month, All That Matters likes to shine a spotlight on one of our yoga students. Whether they are new to the practice, or seasoned professionals, we believe every student brings their own unique personality and value to the mat. Learn more about what attracts them to yoga, their favorite pose, and other activities they enjoy. This month, All That Matters would like to welcome Susan Tourgee as our Student of the Month! Read More

Meet Kristi Martel - Healer and Wellness Coach

When I think of creativity and self-care, my dear friend Kristi always comes to mind. She's a nationally touring and recording pianist, vocalist, songwriter, and music teacher with awards, degrees, and over 15 years experience who also happens to be a devoted yogi and healer/wellness coach. My heart and soul have soared, carried on her beautiful voice singing songs of transformation and I've also personally experienced her healing work; powerful and effective are the two words that come to mind. She's a constant source of self-care reminders for me! Read More

20 Years of All That Matters

In March 1995, two friends opened the doors of a little yoga and holistic health center on Main Street in Wakefield, Rhode Island. This was decades before the booming yoga “industry” – at the time, people weren’t sure if they were in the business of yoga or yogurt, and the few yoga classes that could be found were located in someone’s living room or a church basement. That’s where Joan Dwyer, co-founder of All That Matters, did yoga before she and business partner Jeanne Wettlaufer, bravely used their homes as collateral to buy a building and invite the public in. They envisioned “working together with a group of talented people to educate and support each other and our community to continually grow and maintain optimal health and wellbeing.” Their original mission statement still guides All That Matters 20 years later. Read More