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Saving Your Sight with Dr. Marc Grossman

Our eyesight can be affected by a variety of daily influences and activities. Headaches, illness, poor reading light, stress, exercise and diet can all influence our vision and how we see the world. Join Marc Grossman, a leading holistic eye doctor in the United States, as he helps you to improve your vision and decrease your dependence on glasses. Read More

A note from Devarshi Steven Hartman - Yoga Teacher Training

Yoga is not about flexibility or physical prowess. I have been known to say, “Great, so you can put your foot behind your head. You’re still an asshole!” The outcome of real yoga is authentic presence – Gandhi, said, …“where what you say, what you think, what you feel, what you do; are all in alignment.” This is the deeper “alignment” to be sought through yoga practice. (And please, critical thinkers, I am not saying physical alignment is not important for physical safety). I am always sad to hear of people who “tried” a yoga class and left saying, “I am not flexible enough or “good” at it” – They simply went to the wrong yoga teacher. Today, this happens a lot more than it use to as “yoga” emphasizes more of the exercise benefits rather than the deeper transformational process inherent in its origin. Read More

April Student of the Month: Tara Beaulieu

Every month, All That Matters likes to shine a spotlight on one of our yoga students. Whether they are new to the practice, or seasoned professionals, we believe every student brings their own unique personality and value to the mat. Learn more about what attracts them to yoga, their favorite pose, and other activities they enjoy. This month, All That Matters would like to welcome Tara Beaulieu as our Student of the Month! Read More

Forever change your relationship with touch!

Centered around utilizing the power of touch, the Thai and Shiatsu techniques of massage focus on helping to relieve chronic pain, as well as uplift and renew the energies in the body. Derived from ancient massage traditions, Thai-Shiatsu massage utilizes an individual's Chi-flow to identify and diagnose pain-points throughout the body. Through massage, light stretching and twisting, and meditation, Thai-Shiatsu Massage helps to unblock this Chi energy, allowing it to flow freely throughout the body, re-invigorating energies and reducing the effects of injury, age and lifestyle. Read More